Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Mountain of Documents

In order to submit our I-129-F Petition for Fiance Visa we must include:
  1. Birth Certificates of both petitioner (me) and beneficiary (Arnold).
  2. Death Certificates and/or Divorce Decrees form any/all previous marriages (just me)
  3. Copy of evidence of having met in person.  Such as: plane tickets, passport stamps, photos of us together, etc. 
  4. New passport photos of both of us.
  5. Filing fees in cashier's check or money order.
We send all of the above and also include a stack of almost 200 photographs of our recent trip to the Philippines,  copies of our airline tickets to the Philippines, copies of our airline tickets to Boracay together, copies of hotel receipts, copies of my visa extension while in the Philippines, copies of Facebook messages sent back and forth, copies of skype conversations back and forth.

What I didn't expect was the sheer volume of our skype conversations back and forth over the months.  Granted Arnold and I skype every day both before and after work, but most of that is actually video chatting.  So, I was not prepared for it to amount to over 1600 pages when transferred over to a word document.  I didn't even attempt to copy that many pages.  Instead I saved the word document onto a disc and included the disc with our mountain of paperwork.

No one said this would be easy but I flabbergasted by the amount of words we have typed back and forth to each other. Occasionally, I have looked at our previous conversations on skype; just to remember those moments that made me fall in love with him.  Since it doesn't include the conversations from video, it is just the typed comments we instant messaged, we have this amazing record of our interactions. I guess its the modern day equivalent of love letters written to your beloved.  It's just that ours are probably much less eloquent and far more sarcastic.