Friday, August 30, 2013

August 2013 Favorites

August is coming to a close and fall is right around the corner. This has been a very busy month for me so I have kept a fairly simple makeup routine. It almost felt as if I were in a rut because I simple kept reaching for the same things over and over again.

August 2013 Favorites
The Wet n Wild Fergie Centerstage Collection To Reflect Shimmer Palette is an absolutely stunning highlight. It's a beautiful champagne color that has just a hint of rose. It goes on very subtly or you can build it up until it positively glows.

The Pond's Luminous Finish BB+ Cream is by far my favorite western BB cream. It does a beautiful job of helping even out skin tone as is evident in the photo below. You can clearly see that I have a large blue vein on the back of my hand. It's easy to tell where the BB cream starts because the blue decreases while the finish remains very natural looking. The color match is perfect for my fair skin. 

This month I have really enjoyed layering my blush. I love layering powder blush over the ELF cream blush in Vixen. It's the most bizarre texture. It's a cross between a lightweight mousse and playdough. Just a light tap or two of the ELF small stipple brush into the cream blush is all you need. It blends easily with the stipple brush and looks so natural on the cheeks. You can wear this cream blush alone or with a powder layered over the top. The swatches below are heavy swatches so they show up well in photographs.

I have been thoroughly enjoying the Tarte Starlet Palette this month. It offers such a variety of shadows and has two of their Amazonian Clay blushes. The looks you can achieve with this palette are endless and the quality of the products is amazing.Tarte shadows are creamy and blend very easily. This palette overs a nice variety of natural shadows with a few subtle blues and greens.

The only brow bone highlight I used this month is the L'Oreal Infallible Eye Shadow in Iced Latte. It's a fantastic highlight or it adds a beautiful shimmer if you are having a light makeup day but want a little shimmer on your eyelid.

My favorite lip combination of the month has been the Starlooks Lipliner in Tickle Me Pink, MAC Prolongwear in Unlimited and ELF Minty Lip Gloss in Miami. It is such a beautiful combination that I wore it 7-8 times this month. It's a lovely, bright rose color that isn't too bright for my fair skin.

I hope you have had a fantastic August and a fantastic summer. I'm looking forward to fall, cooler temperatures, football, boots, scarves and jackets.

Looking for your next nude lipstick? Check my posts on tan nudes and pink nudes.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Week 1 Shop My Stash September

 Shop My Stash September is aimed at reacquainting you with products that are currently sitting unused and unloved in your makeup collection. Each week we will focus on using three products for one specific area, such as the face, lips or eyes. Week one we are focusing on face products. You should choose three face products that you aren't using much and commit to using them for one solid week.

These are the three face products that I am committed to using for week one of Shop My Stash September 

First up is my MAC NC15 Studio Finish Concealer. It has gotten pushed aside in favor of the L'Oreal crayon style concealer just because the L'Oreal is so much more convenient to use. The MAC Studio Finish Concealer is a great product that works beautifully. This will be the only concealer I used for Week 1.

Next up is the Mirabella Perfecting Powder. We received this in an Ipsy bag a few months ago. I have yet to even try this powder. So I have no idea if its any good or not. So I will give it a go for Week 1 and I will let you know what I think of it. 


Last but not least is my MAC Breezy blush. This blush is absolutely stunning but it feels more like a fall blush. It has the most beautiful sheen to it which is gorgeous when it catches the light. I'm gonna break this bad boy out and delight in the beauty that is Breezy.

If you are interested in joining for Shop My Stash September just visit this post to add your posts to blog link up.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Shop My Stash September

We have all been dazzled by a product. We've bought into the hype. We've fallen prey to the retail gods. We bring home these shiny new things certain that they will be life changing. Our faces are going to look so amazing people will be mesmerized by the beauty. Then we get home and discover a good product; but it isn't exactly earth shattering. Eventually, we move back to our old standby or on to something new. These products that once made our eyes sparkle get relegated to the back of the drawer. A few months later we come across them and look longingly at them. We remember the excitement of the purchase and remind ourselves to bust it out sometime to actually use it. Just not today.

Well, the day has finally come! Give the sad unloved product his freedom to shine. You can no longer push it to the back of the drawer. Put him at the top of the stack.  Embrace the excitement you once felt for the little guy.

So after that inspiring opening speech, let's get down to business. Saffron, from Saffy Style and I are hosting 'Shop My Stash September' which is dedicated to all those products you keep meaning to use but never do. Each week we will focus on using three underused products for a specific area, such as the face or lips. This will help reacquaint us with our collection and help show some love to those products that are feeling a bit neglected.

Week One - 3 Face Products
Primer, Foundation, Powder, Bronzer, Blush or Anything for the Face

Week Two - 3 Eye Products
Eye Primer, Mascara, Eyeliner, Eye Shadow, Brow Kit or Anything for the Eyes

Week Three - 3 Lip Products
Lipstick, Lip Gloss, Lip Liner or Anything for the Lips

Week Four - 3 Beauty Products
Your Choice or Any Beauty Products You Wish

The Super Simple Rules
1.Blog once a week stating which products you are going to focus on for the week and give us an update on how you did the previous week. 

2. You cannot choose products you've just purchased. The goal is to use the products that are just sitting unused and unloved in your collection.

3. When adding your name to the link-up below please use the following format: WK1 Shalunya TheChronicBeauty

We sincerely hope you will join us for 'Shop My Stash September' and we hope you'll encourage other bloggers to join us as well. 

Please don't forget to insert your name using this format: WK1 Saffy Style

CVS Beauty Haul

Hubby and I went to our favorite store for a little shopping. We truly enjoy coupon shopping at CVS because we can get some really great bargains.

3 Bags Cotton Balls $3.00 Regular $9.57
Repurchase of basic CVS brand cotton balls.

2 Cans Aussie Hairspray $1.00 Regular $9.98
I am currently using and enjoying Aussie Mega Hairspray. I thought I would give the You Can Shine, hi hold hi shine spray a chance.

1 Bottle CVS Makeup Remover $5.99 Regular $5.99
I have not tried CVS brand eye makeup remover; but to be completely honest the pump top bottle is what sold me. I can refill the bottle since it has a screw top cap with another brand.

2 Garnier Moisture Rescue Gel-Cream $5.78 Regular $17.78
Repurchase of this moisturizer I love the light texture to wear under my makeup. It's been selected for my monthly favorites before.

1 Physician's Formula Mineral Airbrushing Powder $2.99 Regular $13.99
New purchase. I have not used Physician's Formula Powder before; but, I enjoy what I have purchased from them before. So I'll give it a go.

1 Milani Infinite Liquid Eyeliner $2.59 Regular $7.79
Repurchase. This liquid eyeliner is my go to drugstore eyeliner for when my allergies are acting up and causing my eyes to be very weepy. This stuff stays put all day long! It's amazing. 


1 Milani Eye Primer $2.59 Regular $6.39
New purchase. I've heard really great reviews, so my hopes are high.


4 Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeliners $13.16 Regular $17.56 
New purchase. I hear amazing things about this eyeliner so I finally decided to give it a try. I will post a full review once I have tried them out.

We spent $37.10 for the items above. We saved $51.95 which is why we love coupon shopping at CVS!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Son

Dear Son,

You're determination to do things your way has always been clear. You chose 2:53 am as the appropriate time to enter your world. You hated the clear bassinets that all babies sleep in while in the hospital. You were a ham from the minute you were born and you loved to be the life of the party. Your obsession for pushing buttons began early in life.

 You demanded to wear a tie on your first day of kindergarten, although I couldn't get you in one now to save my soul. You're the only kid that actually read the package before playing with his new Transformer. You're love of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was rivaled only by your love of video games. 

You were the only three year old I knew that cussed loudly at video games, much to my horror. You couldn't get enough of talking on the phone when you were a toddler but by now you've forgotten how to actually call your Mom.

When I just needed a moment of peace to collect myself you would demand my utmost attention. While most kids were constantly driving their parents crazy, you were sharpening your wit. You would do something to irritate the heck out of me and then you'd deliver your favorite zinger, "Apple doesn't fall far from the tree." Your timing has always been impeccable. 

But for everything you demanded of me, what you gave in return I can never repay. You showed me the world through your eyes. You reminded me that everyone should see things so simplistically. You challenged everything I knew to be true about life and then showed me it was better than I knew was possible. 

I'm blessed to be your Mom. Thanks for 24 amazing, crazy, demanding, nonsensical and downright fun years. Just keep being you. Don't ever let this harsh, cruel world take away your amazing sense of humor. I love you more than words can say.


P.S. Call your Mom every now and then, or at least text her!! 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

So You Wanna Go Nude, Again?

So you wanna go nude, again? The pinks! In this post I will go through my pink nudes from lightest to darkest. You can find my post on my tan nudes here.  The first grouping with be light to medium including ELF Nostalgic, MAC Angel, ELF Mineral Nicely Nude, Wet n Wild Just Peachy, NYX Ceto, Revlon Wink for Pink, Milani Nude Crème, Rimmel Airy Fairy, ELF Classy, Revlon Pink in the Afternoon and MAC Brave.

ELF Nostalgic is a peachy pink with a crème finish. It goes on a bit sheer but is buildable to opaque. The formula is smooth and creamy which sits on the lips well. It’s completely washes my fair skin out, so I don’t wear it as a stand alone lipstick.



MAC Angel is a soft, light pink with a frost finish. Because of the frosty finish, Angel appears lighter when worn on the lips. It seems a bit to light against my fair complexion.



ELF Nicely Nude is a lighter pink with a crème finish. It goes on a bit sheer but is buildable to opaque. This formula is very smooth and creamy. It feels great on the lips and leaves them feeling smooth and soft. This is usually the lightest shade that I enjoy wearing.



Wet n Wild Just Peachy is a peachy pink with a matte finish. It is a bit to peachy for my fair skin. Since it is a matte finish which is a bit drying you will want to wear a balm underneath it. It has fantastic pigmentation and goes on opaque with the first swipe.


NYX Ceto is a light rose toned pink with a frosty finish. Since I am not fond of a frosty shades it doesn’t get much love. However, if you apply over another lipstick to the center of the bottom lip it creates an amazing pout.



Revlon Wink for Pink is a lighter mid-toned pink with a crème finish that, truthfully, feels more like a satin finish.  This is sheer lipstick which is easy to wear. It’s a great one to keep in your purse to throw on a moments notice. It feels great on the lips.



Milani Nude Crème is easily my favorite in the new Color Statement line. It’s a light medium nude which leans toward pink but it’s actually the perfect blend of tan and pink. It has a nice crème finish and has great pigmentation. I’m not fond of the synthetic sweet smell but it’s not overpowering. It’s an amazing nude lipstick at a great price.



Rimmel Airy Fairy is another light med-toned nude with just the right amount of pink.  Although there is no official finish listed, I will say that it has a satin finish. This lipstick goes on smoothly, is nicely pigmented and feels creamy without being heavy on the lips. It’s a fantastic pinky nude.



ELF Classy is exactly what I want MAC Angel to be. When swatched Classy and Angel are exactly the same color; but the difference is that Classy is a crème finish and Angel is a frost finish thus making it appear lighter on on the lips. For only a buck, this lighter medium pink glides on the lips, feels fantastic and is an amazing bargain. Everyone should have this gem in their collection!



Revlon Pink in the Afternoon is a classic medium pink which looks great on a variety of skin tones. It’s not too light or too bright. This crème finish lipstick is so smooth and creamy on the lips. This shade looks great alone or under a gloss. It’s a great addition to any collection.



MAC Brave is a nice medium pink based nude with a satin finish. It’s a recent addition to my collection through MAC’s ‘Back to MAC’ program where you can get a free lipstick by bringing back 6 empty MAC containers. But this shade has become a fast favorite. Brave is the epitome of MLBB (my lips but better) for me and is a must for my collection. This shade has great pigmentation and is suitable for any occasion.



The next set is the medium to dark pink nudes including Maybelline Pink Me Up, MAC Prolongwear Unlimited, MAC Hot Gossip, Rimmel By Kate Moss 104, MAC Cosmo, Revlon Sassy Mauve, Milani Plumrose and NYX Doll.


Maybelline Pink Me Up is a medium pink nude which leans toward rose and has a shiny cream finish. Oddly enough, this is the only Maybelline lipstick I own for not other reason than I simply haven’t bought any. I love the feel of this lipstick as it is super smooth.



MAC Prolongwear Unlimited is a medium rose pink nude with a creme finish. I love the formula of this lipstick because it wears longer than most other lipsticks and it isn't drying. It's almost matte but not quite. It's a great lipstick to keep in my purse since it's beautiful natural pink, it's easy to apply and it wears really well.



MAC Hot Gossip is a darker medium rose nude with a cremesheen  finish. It is slightly sheer but builds easily to opaque. It glides on the lips and looks glossy on the lips. It’s the color I reach for when I want a beautifully noticeable lip with it being overpowering.



Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss in 104 is a beautiful rose nude with a fully opaque crème finish. This is full on color that feels creamy on the lips without being heavy and would suit so many different skin types.



MAC Cosmo is a warm rose nude with a slightly sheerer amplified finish which glides on the lips. I always reach for this shade when I’m unsure what lipstick to wear.  It’s natural enough to wear with simple makeup and it’s just bold enough to get noticed for all the right reasons. It’s has just enough peach in it to look great with browns and it has just enough rose in it to look great with pinks and purples. 



Revlon Sassy Mauve is a medium dark rose nude with a crème finish. This lipstick is nicely pigmented and feels so creamy on the lips. It’s a beautiful rose shade that compliments my pale skin quite nicely.



Milani Plumrose is a deeper rose nude with a crème finish. It could be considered a bit overpowering on super fair skin.  It’s fully opaque but does feel the tiniest bit heavy on the lips. It offers great color payoff and wears well.



NYX Doll is a super opaque deep warm based rose which leans red on my fair skin. It has a crème finish and is creamy on the lips. It is on the bolder end of nude (ok, it’s a stretch to call it a nude) and is a bit fussy to wear for me. I have to check the mirror every couple of hours to ensure that the color stays even.



I hope that you’ve enjoyed my posts on going nude. I would love to know what your favorite nudes are. Kindly list them below because my collection always has room for another nude or two.