Friday, January 31, 2014

Beauty Love Affair Tag

Welcome to the Beauty Love Affair tag. We know you're not the kind to kiss and tell; but we want to know. We want the juiciest stories about your current love. Tell us about your worst heartbreaks. Give us the juicy details of your steamiest affair. We want to know if it was love it first sight. Tell us who turned out to be a total jerk. Confide in us about your sweetest temptation. Don't worry, this isn't about the men; it's all about your Beauty Love Affair.

The Beauty Love Affair tag was created by Saffron Lallem of Saffy Style, Ashley Maria of Ashley Maria, Love, Life, Beauty and Shalunya of Shalunya & Boyet. We would love to read your answers so please feel free to tag us on Google + or leave a comment on our blogs.

The Rules:
1 Answer each question with the name of a beauty product and, if you'd like, explain why.
2. Give out more Valentines (tag other bloggers).
3. If you are tagged more than once please feel free to answer the questions again using a different type of product. If you answered the first time with skincare, then answer again with an eye, lip, face, nails, or hair product.  

First Love
Oh.. You remember what it was like to fall in love for the first time. Such bliss and excitement! Who was your first love?

Max Factor Pan Stik

I don't remember how well it worked but I remember buying it over and over.

Puppy Love
Before you knew your real love, there were those childhood crushes that sometimes blossomed into a cute puppy love. Who was yours?


Villiage Lip Lickers Lip Balm

These little tins with the slide off top were amazing. Every girl I knew had at least 3 or 4. I don't remember if the balm was great but I know the flavors were!

Love Triangle
Such a predicament. This one is so sweet and demure, but this one is so bold and sexy. Tell us about being torn between two lovers. Who were the players in your love triangle?

Too Faced Shadow Insurance and Urban Decay Primer Potion

I use both primers equally and don't have a true preference. I would also add the ELF $1 Eye Primer too but I am currently out. 

Current Love
Dating? Engaged? Married? Who is your main squeeze? Tell us about the one you can't live without or can't seem to let go of. Who is your current love?

Physician's Formula Eye Booster

I enjoy trying out gel and creme liners but when I know I need the perfect winged liner nothing can compare to this little guy. 

Secret Crush
Even though you're committed to your current love, looking around and admiring from afar never hurt anyone... Who are you secretly crushing on?

The Balm Instain Blushes

Super cute packaging, pigmented blush, and all day wear?! What's not to love. I really need some of this in my life. 

Blind Date
Which was The One that was introduced by a friend or mailbox company e.g Ipsy that you love?

Derma-e Microdermabrasion Scrub

I love everything about this scrub, the smell, the texture, the performance. 

Steamy Affair
Which was The One that you left your steadfast regular for; the sexy, handsome one that caught your eye and had you hooked in a Steamy Affair?

Revlon SuperLustrous Lipstick

At one point in my life, I owned nothing but MAC lipsticks. Then I discovered Revlon SuperLustrous and the affair is still going strong. I love both!

Sweet Temptation
Which was The One that has snagged your attention but you are only tempted by, you don't know yet whether you want a Steamy Affair or not with?

Tarte LipSurgence

I know I want more Tarte LipSurgence. I want them all. The formula is amazing, it has great staying power, feels great on your lips and is just generally amazing. 

Love At First Sight
You saw it and immediately you loved it.

Smashbox Wondervision Mega Palette

This palette has everything I am looking for in a palette, matte black, matte chocolate brown, matte highlight shade, plenty of shimmer shades, great pops of color, blushes suitable for my fair skin, great bronzer and a giant mirror. What more does a girl need?

Double Date
They came in a box set; two great things for the price of one. 

Too Faced La Creme Lipstick and Too Faced Shadow Insurance       

Even though I had already known about Shadow Insurance, the All I Want For Christmas set had both and I love them both.

Friend Zone
You just knew he was amazing; but he's not all that. Who have you relegated to the friend zone? 
CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1

This foundation goes on well, lasts all day and has an amazing matte finish. However, in the winter when my skin is dryer this foundation tends to settle into fine lines and wrinkles

Worst Breakup
You wanted to love him forever; but you quickly discovered that he was not 'Mr. Right.' In fact he was awful and broke your heart. Who was your worst breakup?

Lumene Vitamin C+ Pure Radiance Day Cream

There was just nothing about this cream that I cared for. It stung my face and didn't moisturize at all. I expected more but he didn't deliver.

Total Loser 
You were giddy when he asked you out. You had high hopes for a long relationship. Instead he was a complete dud. Who was your total loser?

Maybelline Color Elixir

I fell in love with the packaging and really wanted to love the product as well. Unfortunately, it smells like old lady perfume and tastes the same way. 

Long Lost Love
You were young and he was among your firsts. You grew, you moved on, you two lost touch with each other. Recently you bumped into each other again and you remembered all the reasons you liked him. Who is your long lost love?

MAC Viva Glam V
This is easily my favorite MAC lipstick. At one time it was getting daily use. Then it got pushed aside for all the new guys. I recently rediscovered him and love him once again. 

Major Lust
You haven't yet met. You're just loving him from afar because you feel like he's out of your league. Who is your major lust?

Diorshow Fusion Mono Longwear Professional Mirror Shine Eyeshadow 

A cream eyeshadow that lasts for hours and brings a beautiful shine sounds heavenly. I would love to get my hands on some of these bad boys. 

I am giving Valentine's to the following bloggers, because I am curious about their love life. I tag:

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and anyone else who finds this tag fun or interesting. 

If you would like a simpler method for participating than copying my post, deleting my answers and then filling in your answers, please click the image above. I have created a blank post so that you can merely fill in your answers and post. 

Favorite Findings, January 2014

Welcome to this cheery little blog in the middle of the blogosphere which is located of the great big world of cyberspace. I use my blog to talk about the things that make me happy and help keep my health stable. I have this little neurological birth defect which causes me all sorts of problems. So I have learned to embrace the things I love including beauty products. This blog has become a celebration of those products. 

Favorite Makeup Findings

Maybelline Dream Bouncy in Plum Wine and Milani Powder Blush in Romantic Rose - I have been loving this blush combination. I lightly apply with the ELF Small Stipple Brush the Maybelline Dream Bouncy blush in Plum Wine first. Then I top it with Milani Powder Blush in Romantic Rose. Applying Plum Wine first gives this duo amazing staying power and adds the perfect flush to cheeks.

L'Oreal The Balm in Heavenly Berry - I have been absolutely obsessed with this lip balm this month. The wind has been so brutal that my lips seem to stay chapped. I would describe the color but it truly does not matter because there is no color when you apply it to your lips. It's just a clear balm which glides on the lips.

Too Faced La Creme Lipstick - I love this lipstick. It is so creamy and moisturizing. It feels great on the lips and the color is gorgeous. I simply adore everything about this lipstick.  You can find my post on the kit it came in here.

Steamcream -  This adorable little tin is full of the most glorious cream which does great things for dry skin. The super dry and cold weather is so harsh and Steamcream has saved my skin.  I reviewed this little guy here.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge - I had to include this sponge. It blends foundation flawlessly and is super easy to clean. This sponge's performance is truly impressive. You can find my comparison post here

Smashbox Wondervision Mega Palette - This palette is absolutely stunning and has everything a girl needs to create some tons of different looks. I love that this palette boasts plenty of matte shadows, 3 blushes and a matte bronzer. My full review can be found here.

Favorite Coupon Findings

I loved discovering that my blog friends want to coupon. My sweetest deal of the month was definitely this Wet n Wild pair for only $3.03!

Favorite Life Findings

My friend, Michele, and I took a small road trip from Oklahoma City to Wichita where her sister lives. We had such a fantastic time and spent so much time just talking and talking. Michele and I had gone to grade school together but lost touch for many years. We recently reconnected and it's like we never spent a minute apart.

Quote: "Twenty years from now you'll be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." ~Mark Twain

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Physicians Formula Organic Wear Curl + Care CC Mascara

Welcome to my blog. In this post I will review the Physicians Formula Organic Wear Curl + Care CC Mascara, PFCC for short. This mascara is formulated to add curl and volumize while nourishing and conditioning lashes. It does not come in a waterproof version but it boasts 24 hour wear. 


This has the traditional Physicians Formula Organic Wear packaging which is slightly bulky. The CC version has a mirrored finish which is cool. 

The wand is a curved and has rubber bristles which I prefer. I assume the curved wand is to help curl lashes as the original version is not curved. I really enjoy the original version. So let's see if this one lives up to expectations. 

Naked Lashes
My natural lashes are dark blonde and fine but they do have a fair amount of natural curl to them. They aren't particularly long or particularly full. 
One Coat Physicians Formula CC Mascara
The first coat definitely adds color and length but it's not adding a ton of volume. There are no clumps and my lashes aren't sticking together which is quite lovely.  
Two Coats Physicians Formula CC Mascara
The second coat doesn't seem to add much in the way of length or volume. It doesn't build well upon itself.  
Three Coats Physicians Formula CC Mascara

The third coat is where everything goes wrong. My lashes began sticking to themselves without getting any additional length or volume. This mascara just isn't the best mascara for me. I'm quite disappointed with it, so I'm glad I was able to score a great deal on it so I don't feel too cheated. I will definitely stick with the original Organic Wear mascara in the green tube. 

“True beauty is not related to what color your hair is or what color your eyes are. True beauty is about who you are as a human being, your principles, your moral compass.” ~Ellen DeGeneres

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sunday Scores and Steals 1/26/14

Welcome to this week's edition of Sunday Scores and Steals. Every week I scour the papers and the internet to find the best deals on the toiletries and cosmetics. Then I challenge my sister to discover who can find the best deals. We are huge fans of the CVS Extra Care system and do the majority of our shopping there. 


This first deal isn't so exciting but it's definitely necessary. Boyet prefers this particular Old Spice deodorant so when we can get a bargain we buy several. It was buy one get one half off and I had a $1.00 off coupon for each. The Aussie hairspray was on sale for $3 each and I had $.50 coupon for each. Now the nice part of this was that if I spent $30 I received $10 back in Extra Care Bucks. I also purchased 3 Dawn Olay Renewal dish soaps (not pictured). I spent $13.63 and received $10 back in Extra Care Bucks.  

Simple products were buy one get one half off and I had coupons for to receive a free package of wipes with the purchase of any Simple cleanser or moisturizer. I spent $12. 69 for all four Simple products. 

We popped in to Target and I found the facial toner on clearance for 3.48 each. I had an additional two coupons for buy a cleanser or moisturizer and receive a free package of wipes. All four Simple products I spent $8.21. 

Back at CVS, Wet n Wild is buy one get one half off and I had coupons for $1.00 off any Wet n Wild product so I purchased Bebot Love from the Fergie Centerstage collection and Berry Shimmer blush. Both products totaled $3.03. 

The final purchase of the day was the L'Oreal True Match Lumi foundation for which I had a $3.00 off coupon and the L'Oreal Extraordinaire lip color for which I had a $1.00 off coupon. I also had a 25% off CVS coupon as well. I paid $8.63 for both of these L'Oreal products. 

Overall, today I spent $43.62 for 20 items which is $2.19 per item. I saved $104.34 I received $15.00 in Extra Care Bucks to spend on my next shopping trip. 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Milani Lip Intense Liquid Color

Welcome to my blog which was originally started as more of a personal diary but last year the focus shifted. The beauty products took over and I let them. They have helped me stay focused and happy while coping with a chronic neurological illness. This post will take a look at the new Milani Lip Intense Liquid Color in Pink Rave.  

According to the Milani website "Lip Intense applies like a high shine gloss, but has the longevity and wear of a lipstick." I love the large, flattened tube and the color of the tube is very accurate. It's what you see is what you get. 

Application of Lip Intense is simple with the long doe foot applicator. It allows for precise application and even color distribution. You will want a mirror as precision is needed since this lip product is super bold.

This product is aptly named as this color is intense! With one simple swipe you get fully opaque color and loads of shine. The formula is smooth and sits like a super creamy lipstick on the lips.  The closest thing I could compare this to would be the Rimmel Show Offs but Milani Lip Intense wins hands down. It's thicker than a gloss but has no stickiness to it at all. The creaminess reminds me of the Too Faced La Creme Lipsticks but it's slightly heavier without being uncomfortable. I wouldn't say it's moisturizing but there's nothing drying about this lip color. 

This is a beautiful, bold, mid-toned, rich rose color which is blue based. There are four shades available and I wish they had more as this is a GREAT product. I am truly impressed with this product. While this product only received a B it feels more like an A. The biggest drawback is the limited shade range of a measly four shades. I would highly recommend this for any bold lip lover. 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Ipsy, Is It Worth It? January 2014

Welcome! In this post we will explore my Ipsy monthly subscription service. I received my bag very late this month due to some complications with my account. Luckily, customer service took excellent care of me and we were able to get everything worked out. 

January's Ipsy theme is 19 Reasons 2014 Will Be Amazing. It seems like a strange theme for the month. I would think they could go with something a bit simpler but they didn't ask for my opinion. However, they did ask my reason which is that I will embrace love, kindness and acceptance. This bag was not my favorite but I won't complain. It's still fun to get a package and to try new products. 

The first product I see is A! Absolute Makeup Cleansing Tissues, Value $1.20. This handy packet of ten cleansing tissues contains Vitamin E and Cucumber Extract.  They claim to thoroughly remove eyeliner, shadow, lipstick, blush and even waterproof mascara without irritation.

Next we have the Nourish Organic Lightweight Moisturizing Face Lotion in Argan Rosewater, value $6.47. "This lightweight formula provides continuous moisture throughout the day, while replenishing essential skin nutrients. Moroccan Argan oil intensely hydrates and replenishes skin, rosewater evens out tone and smoothes texture and Shea butter locks in moisture and improves skin elasticity." 

Also included was the Elizabeth Mott Smooth Shadow Creamy Eye Pencil, value $6.99, in Penny. This miniature pencil is "not your ordinary eyeliner. This gel eyeliner is smooth like butter and lasts all day without smudging." 

Next up, we have this terrible cute little 2ml vial of Marula Oil, value $3.12. "Light and powerful, Marula natrual skin care oil leaves skin soft and supple with increased elasticity and firmness for healthy, beautiful and age defying radiance."

Last but not least, we have the Mica Beauty Tinted Lip Balm in Natural,value $18.75. "Mica Beauty's 24 hour Tinted Lip Balm conditions your lips without smudge while delivering sophisticated finish. Infused with Vitamen E, Mica Beauty's Tinted Lip Balm helps keep your lips soft, smooth and protected."

While this month's Ipsy bag didn't exactly bring the wow factor I am still thrilled with my subscription and look forward to trying these items. The total value for this month's Ipsy bag is $36.53!! Not too shabby when it only costs $10.00. I would definitely Ipsy is worth it!