Pink flawless skin, so soft and tender,
Sweet baby girl, full of hope and wonder.
Tiny little cries with new breath of life,
No one foretold future years of such strife.

Very stubborn, strong-willed, and always full sail.
Living life to its fullest, blazing her own trail.
Educated by experience, a stranger to fear;
Walking on faith blind to demons near.

Savor the highs, she's always vowed;
Enjoying the journey of living out loud.
Sampling the world, an adventure to roam;
With God's gift of grace, her heart found a home.

Blessed in love, her best self she'd found;
Charming those near, laughter her favorite sound.
With drive, dreams, and wit, seeming to have it all.
Now hearing the whispers, her health soon will fall.

Her brain slipping downward, her MRI notes;
She's buried in pain and a sea of white coats.
Giving up her goals, her body now weak;
Rare condition they say, new specialists she'll seek.

More scans and tests, questions abound.
Surgery the only hope, no cure to be found.
Her balance so unsteady, her head in a spin;
Aches and pains all over, her energy now thin.

Her health is unfaithful, her body betrays;
A beauty now broken in so many ways.
Grand dreams now futile, her efforts in vain;
A new evil now lingers bringing more pain.

Unable to think clearly, illness her new friend;
Her body the new battlefield, the medications defend.
Time is her warden in this prison full of ache;
She'll live long in her torture, her life it will not take.

Once her drive was so strong, but now it's dwindled low;
Her star then blazing brightly, is now a dimming glow.
A life so full of joy, and with passion for the quest;
She's unable to move forward, for now it's time to rest.

The playground of her world, once welcoming and warm;
Now stealing with shadows, thriving in her harm.
The warriors of disease will battle all life long;
Breaking her defenses, the beasts seem so strong.

Life is Love
Life is Beauty, Love is Poetic,
I am a vision, I am a song,
Feelings bring longing,
Can emotions be wrong?

Life is Wonder, Love is dynamic,
I am a miracle, I am a revolution,
Changes bring growth,
Can yearning be transformation?

Life is Awe, Love is Epic,
I am a concept, I am a drama,
Passions bring hunger,
Can infatuation be manna?

Life is Grace, Love is Lyric,
I am a triumph, I am a whimsy,
Conquests bring desire,
Can deeds be peril?

Life is Abstruse, Love is Malady,
I am a captive, I am a plight,
Devotions bring caveats,
Can contrition give flight?

In another life,
In another time,
If life could be different,
If I could be the same.

In a body that’s healthy,
In a mind that’s not sick,
If life was a fairy tale,
If I were a princess.

In bright, bold colors,
In red, green and yellow,
If life were a painting,
If I were a vision.

In a simple story,
In pages of a book,
If life was easy,
If I was free.

Unrealized Dreams
Thoughts crumble,
Hearts ache,
Fragile minds,
Emotions break,
Restless changes,
Sudden shake,
Pain erupts,
Lives quake.

Delicate angst,
Graceful pain,
Cherished anguish,
Soothing disdain,
Familiar anger,
Memories stain,
Parting lingers,
Grief remains.

Destiny touches,
Musings soar,
Breath returns,
Creations roar,
Tranquil dawns,
Blessings adore,
Hope arises,
Fates amour.

My existence all packed
His leaving no qualm
Our life in upheaval
My heart in his palm

Tell me it’s not real
This mustn’t be true
My soul syncopated
My sanity now blue

A distraction arises
It’s just a new muse
Phrases of sympathy
His inspiration I choose

A light for the path
His text leads my way
The ache still rising
A despondent array

My being split open
From in me words spill
Pouring myself out
Blank pages I fill

Letters of salvation
This verse is my cure
The pain now surrenders
My words will endure

The Journey
My departure is eminent
Starting a new chapter
My soul is transforming
A new journey its captor

My tides now changing
A new wind now blows
The night sky my scout
I pursue where it goes

Roaming the World
Blissful, eager, free
Adventure lies ahead
Anxiously awaiting me

The wonders I seek
Challenging and new
Fills my heart’s void
From the absence of you

My heart will yearn
My body will follow
Our beauty I crave
To suffice my hollow

My soul will wander
My spirit will soar
Exploring the cosmos
That Heavens adore

My cup runneth over
Many blessings will spill
The voyage resplendent
My longing now still

The mischief in his laughing eyes
His love for me in his tender hands
Yet, softly slipping away from me
As an hourglass loses its sands

The time is quickly approaching
His service is firmly calling
His duty prevails over my love
My soul in slow motion, falling

His loyalty will give him strength
His safety, I pray, God’s keeping
My body going through the motions
This heart of mine keeps weeping

Unsteady breath pauses in my chest
Hoping that time could stand still
Tears falling from my pleading eyes
His departure stronger than my will

I know our love is strong enough
That he will carry me in his soul
My existence will crumble inside
As his absence will take its toll

His thoughts will hold me firmly
Our cherished affection is sure
Our devotion can span the miles
The beauty of love will endure

Strangers alone
Destiny one night
Fate intervened
Emotions took flight

Simple passages
Phrases on the page
Wonders crashing
Flaring passions rage

Whispers in text
Piercing through my ear
Raw am I now
Longing for him near

More than his touch
Naked is his soul
Fills me with ache
Yearning to be whole

Desires awaken
Burning through my core
Breath now taken
Silent fervors soar

Stifled by life
Their hungers in vain
Clinging to words
Their bodies refrain

Pain in words
Misery of life
Happy long ago
Now just strife

Deep her wounds
No one knows
Her body aches
Her mind slows

Glory of life
Lost for her
Vision of love
Just a blur

Deep his touch
She’ll never know
Love from afar
Will not grow

Feelings in her
She’ll just bury
Giving him life
Secrets she’ll carry

Weighing her down
While he’s free
Burden of love
Freedom her plea

Missing his touch
Dreaming his face
Yearning for him
Longing to embrace

The Drive
The sun brushes hues of pink
Valleys shadowed in majesty
Snow capped peaks reach high
Clouds weave patterns in the sky

Beauty covered in icy crystals
The frigid lake is quietly blue
Waiting for summers thaw
Nature still in wondrous awe

Scenic beauty in its grandeur
Leaves me feeling serene
Breath fogging in frosty air
Gently warming winter’s glare

Frozen crunch beneath my feet
Land muted by glacial splendor
Bitter cold of January’s grip
Upon my skin a biting nip

A world calm in biting cold
Making life seem simple
Life succumbs to numbing still
Earth rests in crystal chill

Heavens cry
Skies weep
Love fails
Cuts deep

Feelings gone
Souls cold
Passions wane
Endings told

Bodies empty
Hearts still
Minds lost
Partings will

Touches miss
Desires die
Lonely grows
Fates sigh

Life moves
Lovers ache
Seasons pass
Lives break

Sands shift
People grow
Splendor fades
Memories woe

Comfort in Words
Solitude of being alone
Words my only friend
Floating thoughts atone
Verse makes amend
Lonely heart of my own
Smiling just pretend
Phrases making known
Bridges can transcend
Passages to the known
Causing ideas to ascend
Light of knowledge shown
Insight powers lend
Personal intellect grown
In desolation I contend
Companion for me unknown
Words my only friend

The hand of a child
The tears of a friend
The heart of a stranger
The soul of a human
What touches our being
What becomes our purpose
What consumes our thoughts
What pushes our goals
The eyes of our spirit
The passion of our youth
The adoration of our culture
The truth of our existence
What makes us healthy
What gives us pleasure
What drives us forward
What makes us whole
The enchantment of desire
The challenge of growth
The charisma of fame
The power of adoration
What amazes our dreams
What possesses our vision
What wakens our longing
What stirs our creativity
The completion by choice
The blessing by deed
The guidance of inspiration
The stillness of contentment
What soothes our ire
What inspires our gifts
What confesses our sins
What embraces our soul

A New Dawn
Soft, green, rolling hills,
Baby blue, lofty canopy,
Gentle, white, fluffy clouds,
Dance around a winding road. 

Brisk spring day to journey,
My heart roaming plains,
Hazel eyes horizons scan,
Seeking faeries secret land.

Romance of freedom now,
Gardens sweet calling note,
Marring my lonely soul,
Easing burdens heavy load.

Lifting over my melancholy,
Flirting with feelings new,
Soaring above places past,
To eager flights of fancy.

Brave, bold, new beginnings,
Pushing me to greater heights,
Freeing thoughts, memories gone,
Future dreams dawns anew.

Dancing sprites, joyous call,
Meadows sing of melodies crest,
Faerie wing’s bringing forth,
Heart’s new sultry muse.

Sun setting in my past,
Future’s calling bringing forth,
Hopeful thoughts, brightly lit,
Abundance full now dawning

What She Left
A new day at dawn
Eager and expectant
Flowers in blossom
An abundant present

Air full of anticipation
Yearning to discover
Brilliance of living
Fascination undercover

Dew sprinkled grass
Glistening morning light
Shining sun rises
Hopeful and bright

Stretched out before us
Blessings abound
A new day arises
Treasures soon found

Tomorrow has passed
Its memories endure
Her grace still shines
Her warmth so pure

Pressing us onward
Her spirit so strong
Her love we will carry
Her smile in our song

Our trail ahead
So rocky and steep
Our souls so empty
Our hearts they weep

Her will is our compass
Her hope is our guide
Her faith in our being
Her spry spirit inside

Our happiness, her wish
Our abundance, her goal
Her dreams for our future
Her strength fills our soul

She wants us to laugh
Our delight, her desire
Celebrate her essence
Her zest lifts us higher

Our blessings abound
In her garden we grew
She tended us daily
Her devotion we knew

Seize life each day
Find her love all around
In our hearts always
A new home she’s found

Let us find our peace
Her comfort now reigns
Her memory a blessing
Easing our pains

Her warm eyes dance
Seeing us from above
Our lives she’s graced
With her undying love

Dark thoughts, pit of despair
Feeling lonely, nothing to share
Frustrations abound, stifling my air

Because I never allow it to show
how could anyone ever truly know
Intense pain’s low brutal blow 

I’d love to find  the hidden treasure
the joy of never needing to measure
the beauty of my pain-free pleasure

The challenges deep within my being
leave my bruised, battered soul fleeing
searching for health’s elusive freeing

My anguish displayed center stage
a massive captive in a tiny cage
too constricting for consuming rage

Monumental challenges abound
darkness sways and swirls around
enveloping angst makes no sound

Spirits don’t glow in darkness deep
from me passionate convictions seep
torment chokes, emotions weep

Broken Fantasy 
My heart weeping
My soul torn
Lyrics in whisper
Dawn new morn

My mind twisted
My spirit free
Melody in breath
Confusion in me

My being tousled
My body wakes
Harmony in longing
Stability now shakes

My life shifts
My dreams fly
Rhythm in promise
Winged Angels sigh

My head knows
My wishes dream
Music in breezes
Forest Oaks scheme

My yearning sings
My musings long
Chorus in hunger
Wild passions song

My desire bursts
My urges burn
Refrain in shadows
Winds soon turn

My reality shattered
My existence ripped
Song in discord
Fantasy now stripped

A Country Divided
My heart now breaks,
For a country so torn,
My soul fully aches,
For her people forlorn.

The division of war,
Marks the land deep,
History's brutal scar,
Carnal secrets she'll keep.

The miles span
Our souls long
A simple touch
Craving so strong

The burning need
Our kindred desire
A secret love
Lifting us higher

The shared bliss
Our joyful pain
A yearning ache
Longing in refrain

The peaceful dream
Our lover's embrace
A passion untold
Blessing of grace

The beautiful spark
Our hidden treasure
A quiet rapture
Musing in pleasure

The divine truth
Our splendid delight
A sweet escape
Soothing our night

The serene ecstasy
Our paradise found
A tranquil heaven
Loving in abound

Morning light's first steady flare
New dawn breaks bright and fair
My soul stirs from slumber sound
The still of peace hangs in the air

My feet of yet the floor hit naught
My brooding spirit sits in thought
Of my life ahead full of twists and turns
A wandering journey of solace sought

A wretched life of angsty mistakes
My tortured soul evokes deep aches
A hand tenderly brushes my face
His touch so soft my worry it takes

My objective today pursuing until
To sit with Him in silence still
To explore my soul that I so find
In the deepest truths of His will

His presence empowering me perhaps
Urging my action my reverie He snaps
Drenched in His passion like a cloak
I wear His protection from fateful traps

I amble through my mind in haste
Comfort found by Him I am graced
Guided by His steady assurance
My darkest realities I firmly faced

I open my heart and find His calm
My soul peaceful there is no qualm
Looking ahead a new tomorrow
I find Me in the center of His palm

Fable of Fate

Born with a gypsy spirit
Her heart began to roam
The story so entangled
Twisting across her tome

Her soul thrashed by life
Blank pages were her guide
Faith her only compass
She drifted with the tide

After years in upheaval
The seas began to calm
Complacency the new author
Easing her frightful qualm

Her story once intrigued
Had now begun to wane
Her zeal for exploring
Now spun tales of refrain

Her legend now retold
In darkness lost at sea
No hope on the horizon
Longing her only destiny

Shifting winds turned pages
Her sun began to dawn
His harbor her new safety
To his shore she is drawn

The wisdom behind his eyes
Saw her wounded empty soul
His abundant heart wept
He yearned to make her whole

Enchantment quietly called 
Her pain he gently eased
Tenderly he whispered
Her heart he softly seized

Her pale skin he touched
Her desire soon soared
Their flames quickly ignited
Heated passion now roared

Absolute in his devotion 
She surrendered her doubt
Hopes for a cherished future 
Charted their new route

Final chapter to her fable
Words he now penned
Their fairy tale eternal
A love without end

My tortured words
Your bright smile
Easing my pain
In charismatic style

My daunted eyes
Your enchanted hope
Promising new future
Strength to cope

My consuming doubt
Your faithful peace
Believing in me
Distressing fears cease

My anxious pain
Your enticing charm
Releasing my worry
Guarded spirits disarm

My bated breath
Your unassuming ease
Happiness you bring
Silencing my pleas

My twisted heart
Your beautiful soul
Simplicity in bloom
Making me whole

Our Destiny
If life could be packaged
In pretty ribbons and bows
Then love could be found 
At the market I suppose

If families were produced
And sold in clear cases
Then character would come
With none of God’s graces

But life isn’t very simple
And love is so complex
Families aren’t ordered 
With a certain set of specs

Life is about loving 
And learning to revere
The beauty in difference
Of those we hold dear

To accept all of another
The virtues and flaws
Frees our hearts to love 
Without fear or pause

The charm of patience
This value in respect
Opens wide our souls
Allows us to connect

A fresh view of life
You’ve shown to me
Gives rise to hope
For our future family

It won’t be perfect
I willingly confess
But we’ll find humor
In all of life’s mess

With your hand in mine
Our journey ensures
A life of happiness
Neverending love endures

You are the warmth in my sunshine,
You are the stars in my night sky,
You are the rhythm in my heart,
You are the release in my sigh.

You are the smile in my morning,
You are the comfort in my fear,
You are the air in my breath,
You are the melody in my ear.

You are the joy in my world,
You are the strength in my sorrow,
You are the hand in my hand,
You are the hope in my tomorrow.

You are the beauty in my meadow,
You are the serenity in my strife,
You are the home in my journey,
You are the simplicity in my life.

You are the innocence in my prayer,
You are the delight in my scheme,
You are the reason in my being,
You are the faith in my dream.

A Fairy Tale Begins
I packed my bags,
For a journey unknown,
Butterflies set flight,
As I travel alone.

I board the plane,
My destination clear,
As the story unfolds,
Its ending, I fear.

The hours spent lost,
Deep in my thought,
With a hopeful dream,
Happiness I sought.

What lies ahead,
Only time will tell,
A happy beginning,
Or in misery dwell.

My heart beats wildly,
The plane touches ground,
Now discover I will,
If my future I've found.

From the plane I step,
Into warm island air,
As I begin searching,
My heart is in prayer.

In a crowd of faces,
Faith, my silent plea,
My fear evaporates,
When his face I see.

Anxiety now soothed,
Smiles beaming bright,
The first touch is magic,
Our future is bright.

Her Company

By wallowing with the wretched
She's dancing with the damned
She masters merrily in misery
And wishes wistfully for woes

She foresees a faulty future
In chaos, currently concedes
Past performance of the pain
Which fancifully freed her foes

The titillating taste of torment
She savors with scornful saints
Now preferring a painful palette
She's lured by lavish lows

She tentatively tires of torture
As she's haunted by healthy hope
Her wishes waxing to wake
Hidden faith now freely flows

As the plight of peril passes
A delectable delight now dawns
Many friendships find her fallen
The ravishing relieved from rows

She's saved from somber solitaire
By conquerors compassionate care
She's lucid with laughter's love
And natal nurture she now knows