Thursday, April 22, 2010

Finding Peace………

I’ve been told several times that I am an inspiration.  But what makes me inspirational?  My son’s friends have all asked me for advice.  But what makes me qualified to give advice?  I’ve been asked how I seem so happy when I have so many things wrongs with me. So, what does make me really happy?
Now, is this a post to toot my own horn? Well, yes! It is; because, I am pretty amazing!
Ok, I am not really conceited; but, I have one amazing life.  In an incredibly brief synopsis, I was a wild child when I younger.  I have always lived life on my own terms.  I was married, had a child and was in and out of the army before I was 21.  I’ve had over 25 addresses since my 18th birthday.  Then at 36, life played a cruel joke and I was diagnosed with a rare condition that is actually an undetected birth condition. 
So, what is it that keeps me so calm in the midst of chaos?  Acceptance of who I am. 
I Am Not Defined by my:                               I Am:
Diagnosis                                                          Compassion for those who suffer
Job/Occupation                                                 Equal partner without a salary
Pain                                                                   Sharing what talents I have
I Am Not Defined by my:                              I Am:
Medical Record                                               Spreading knowledge
Fatigue                                                             Living out Loud, even from a sickbed
Procedures                                                       a Smiling face to those working on my body  
I Am Not Defined by my:                              I Am:
Marital status                                                    Blessed to feel love
Children                                                           Shaping a life
Possessions                                                      Graced to have what I need
     I Am Not Defined by my:                              I Am:

Friends                                                             Sharing my widsom
     Poetry                                                              Creating art
     Photos                                                              Spreading a vision
train 42
      I Am Not Defined by my:                              I Am:

      Health                                                              Determined to find happiness
      Bad Days                                                        Faith that tomorrow will be better
      Relationships                                                   the Love I share

      I Am Not Defined by my:                              I Am:

Internet Profile                                                  Empathy for my fellow members
      Words of Advice                                              Living what I speak
      Capabilities                                                       Beauty in every form
      I Am Not Defined by my:                              I Am:

Body                                                               Grace in the flesh
      Mistakes                                                          Joy in learning
      Fears                                                               Amazed by Life

I could probably continue this list for days and days.  I love reminding myself of what I can do, instead of saying what I can’t.  I love telling me about my talents, instead of focusing on my imperfections.  I would love to hear how you downgrade yourself and what you are going to replace it with.

Quote of the Moment: Everyone of us needs to show how much we care for each other and, in the process, care for ourselves. ~Princess Diana