Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Finally! A Great American BB!

I've tried several American BB creams all of which have been disappointing. Now Pond's jumps in the BB business. So the question is, is Pond's any different? Can it really provide flawless, natural looking coverage with little or no effort? The answer is positively YES! So how and why is Pond's different? 

For starters, The Pond's Luminous Finish BB+ Cream has a unique pigment system which is designed to conceal imperfections and provide natural looking coverage. This BB isn't just another glorified tinted moisturizer. You can see that I have a dark spot on my cheek. After applying the Pond's BB+ it's almost undetectable. I will post an update in a few weeks so that we can all see if this large dark spot has been lightened any. 

I love that it's easy to apply. I use my fingers so there's no need to clean a brush or sponge. It blends easily and provides a natural matte finish. Now, this isn't a flat matte finish. It still retains the luminosity of natural skin. The Pond's BB+ has Tone Perfecting Complex which contains Vitamin E Acetate, an antioxidant known to repair skin and Glycerin, which hydrates skin. It also contains a broad spectrum SPF 15 which is key to minimizing future skin damage.  It's also hypoallergenic and it won't clog pores. 

Pond's Luminous Finish BB+ comes in two shades, light and medium. The swatches above are heavy swatches but the light shade is perfect for my MAC NC15 skin. I love that this BB+ actually matches my very fair skin. Most end up being too dark for me or leave me looking orange. 

I love the way this looks and feels on my skin. It provides medium coverage for a natural finish that never looks cakey or heavy. This has become a stash staple for me and I will always have one on hand. It's great for those days when you just aren't into doing a full face of makeup. It's so easy to put on the Pond's BB+, a little mascara and some tinted lip balm. It's also fantastic to prep your skin for your usual foundation. This would also be perfect for young women who are just getting into makeup since it's not too heavy.  The Pond's Luminous Finish BB+ Cream is available at drugstores now for only $9.99 and if you like their Facebook page you can get a coupon for $2.00 off.

This product was sent to me for consideration and review by Influenster. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Top Three Tag

Everyone loves sharing about the products they love and the best beauty secrets they've discovered. So Jackie Leung from Five Two Certified, Cynthia Del Rio from Cdel Beauty and Shalunya TheChronicBeauty from Shalunya & Boyet have collaborated to create the 'Top Three Tag.'  Tell us about your top 3 in each of the topics below.

Please stop by Jackie's Top Three Tag post to see what her Top Three choices are! Cynthia's post should be up soon.

1. Top 3 Lip Products
Be it long wearing stain, super bold lipstick, ultra shiny gloss, what three shade specific products are the ones purchased time and again?

So this is a really, really easy one for me. I have to give it to Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquers (my review can be found here). These super opaque, wonderfully pigmented lip lacquers are a steal at $4.99!! They are truly amazing! 

Tarte's Lipsurgence are an amazing lip stain with great pigmentation and great lasting power. They have a wide range of selections that can easily provide something for everyone. 

I don't think any top lip products list would be complete without mentioning MAC's lipsticks. Almost every other lipstick on the market is compared to MAC. There selection is phenomenal.  Velvet Teddy, Brave, Cosmo and Hot Gossip are definitely my favorite four!

Below are the swatches of all the above products together. You can clearly see what I mean about the pigmentation of the Rimmel Show Offs. Simply divine!

2. Top 3 Hair Products
Do you rely on an expensive finishing spray, a drugstore conditioner or DIY mask for silky, health, shiny tresses?

I am in LOVE with Fekkai Advanced Brilliant Glossing Sheer Shine Mist which I am sadly out of at the moment. When used with a light hand this glossing spray adds the healthiest shine to the dullest of hair.

L'Oreal's New Total Repair 5 Damage-Erasing Balm has a fantastic deep conditioner.  I use this conditioning balm about once a week to keep my tresses healthy. 

Last but not least we have Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Smooth and Shine Serum. I always apply this serum to my hair anytime I wash it. It leaves my hair looking healthy and shiny. This is an amazing product and at less than $3.00, it's a steal!

3. Top 3 High End Beauty Products
Have you ever crossed your fingers, opened your wallet and discovered a holy grail product? Please tell us what you would recommend we splurge on.

Hands down it's MAC's Liquidlast eyeliner. I have weepy, watery eyes and this is the only liner that will stay put without budging all day long. It's absolutely amazing and comes in fantastic colors. I currently own black, purple and blue. 

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes are beyond fantastic. I absolutely love the formula of these pigmented blushes and they are worth every penny as they really have great lasting power. 

Personally, I think MAC's Strobe Liquid Lotion is an underdog product. I never hear anyone talk about it. I absolutely love Strobe. As you get older the tendency is for our skin to become drier. I recently blogged about turning 44 and this little jewel is perfect for giving skin some luminosity without looking like a disco ball. You can either wear this under foundation or even mix it in with your foundation. It's absolutely amazing and I LOVE IT.

4. Top 3 At Home Beauty Treatments
Divulge your secrets.  Do you slather on ultra rich creams, don strange masks, or create your own scrubs; tell us we're dying to know?

I love having beauty treatments day with my sister, my friends, or anyone really. I always, always, always have several different varieties of Freeman masks on hand. They are fantastic masks and are super affordable making it easy for any woman to have several on hand. 

I have never read any blog or heard anyone on YouTube speak of the CVS Self Foaming Facial Pads. One of the biggest reasons I have these on hand is because they are easy to use, affordable, do a great job of deep cleaning and are disposable. They are great to have available when we do beauty treatments night. 

Whether or not I am splurging for salon pedicures, I always have a great pumice bar and a really nice foot cream at home. I use the Mr. Pumice Pumi Bar in coarse in the shower every few days. It is fantastic for leaving heels feeling soft and supple. I follow it up with the Gold Bond Foot Cream which sinks into my feet leaving them soft and looking great for sandals. Yes, technically it's two products but I can't use one without the other so in my mind it's only one. 

5. Top 3 Eye Shadow Palettes
Beauty knows no limits but your stash can only hold three palettes. Chose wisely.

I have been so very pleased with the Smashbox Master Class Palette. I love that it contains blushes, highlighters, cream liners (which I use as an eye shadow base) and lippies. This is honestly the only palette I need to take when I go out of town.  It has fantastic color selection and even has shadows I can use to fill in my brows. This is an amazing palette and it gets plenty of love.

Tarte for True Blood palette received mixed reviews; however, I adore this palette. The colors are fantastic. The matte black is so rich and deep. I challenge anyone to find a better metallic silver than this one! I own several and this beats them all by far. Plus it came with an eye shadow primer, Lights Camera Lashes mascara and a black eyeliner. It's everything any woman could need to create capivating eyes. 

This category could not be complete with MAC eye shadows. I own over 40 but these 15 (+1 Orb which is the matte version of Naked Lunch I haven't depotted it yet.) are my absolute favorites. MAC most certainly has a shade for everyone. If there is a particular color you are looking for then look no further than MAC. 

6. Top 3 Makeup Discoveries
Did you know that tightlining is the best way to deepen a smokey eye or that a tea bag is the best remedy for depuffing your eyes?  We all want to look fabulous, so tell us your your best discoveries.

 I learned that you should NEVER pay full price for drugstore makeup. It's super easy to learn how to combine manufacturer's coupons, CVS/pharmacy coupons from the coupon center inside CVS and extra bucks rewards to score great savings on drugstore brands. You will need to have a CVS extra care card which you can get for free from a CVS cashier. Purchase multiple copies of the Sunday paper in order to clip manufacturer coupons. Stop by CVS at least once a week in order to scan your card at the coupon center to receive additional coupons which can be combined with manufacturer coupons. Then check the CVS sales ad or blogs for coupon matchups each week. This week I purchased 2 Maybelline Great Lash Mascaras, 1 CoverGirl Smoochie, 1 CoverGirl Gloss Balm and paid $9.56 for everything or $2.39 each!

I just recently learned that it's completely acceptable to use a great primer over a pore filler. I kept thinking that it was either or but not both. We all know that Benefit's Porefessional is a fantastic pore filler but it just doesn't work well for me as a primer. However, I get amazing results when I use L'Oreal's Miracle Blur as a pore filler topped with Revlon's Color Correcting Primer underneath any foundation.

One of the greatest things about modern technology is that we have so many opportunities to learn about products from real people before we buy them.  There are a plethora of bloggers and YouTubers that love to test out all the newest products to review for us. Granted not every blogger or YouTuber is going to have the same opinion on any given product but if several of them are saying to stay away then it's probably a stinker. So take time to do your homework on blogs and YouTube prior to purchasing in order to increase the chances of spending your money on something you will love. 

7. Top 3 Nail Polishes
What do your filangies fancy? A bright fuschia, a subtle neutral, or royal purple.  Glitter, cream or shimmer finish?

I am really loving the Sinful Shine in Most Sinful. This rich cobalt blue comes in a high shine formula allowing you to skip the top coat just in case you're in a hurry. It's such a deep, royal color that compliments my super fair skin; but it also looks great against my sister's darker complexion. 

I've gotta say that this one really surprised me. I bought it only because it came in a promotional pack along with a clear top coat for $1.99 and I had a $1.00 CVS coupon making it only $0.99 for both! But I have absolutely fallen in love with the color and the formula of NYC's Sunburnt. It's an amazing coral pink shade which is perfect for the summer. 

Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength in Sparkling Jewel is a beautiful glittery, shiny top coat with gold glitter mixed with a pink, purple duochrome glitter. It's simply stunning on top of almost any pink or purple shade. It's great for topping all ten or just doing an accent nail or two. 

8. Top 3 Long Bath/Shower Products
When you've had a hard day at the office, need time away from the kids, or just need to luxuriate, what products join ducky and you in the tub?

First and foremost, I love to add Epsom Salt to my baths. I am not overly particular about brand or scent. The cheap stuff works just as well as the expensive stuff but on occasion I will buy the fancy stuff just to mix it up. 

Next is anything and everything by Bath and Body Works. I am particularly fond of their body butters but they aren't really bath or shower products. So I will just stick with their bath products for now. I love all of their products and usually have a two or three scents available so I can use whatever suits me at the moment. 

The last thing I will mention are scrubs. I love to scrub my legs before I shave to leave my legs feeling so soft and silky when I get out of the bath/shower. Again I am not overly particular about brand or price. I haven't met a scrub I didn't like. 

9. Top 3 Drugstore Heroes
We all have heard about NYC's Bronzer in Sunny and Maybelline's Color Tattoos.  What other drugstore gems have you discovered that we should know about?

Garnier Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel Cream for dry skin has become my favorite summer moisturizer. I love that it leaves my skin feeling hydrated and smooth without feeling heavy and thick. 

Revlon Photoready Color Correcting Primer has quickly become my favorite. This primer easily beat out several others to become my holy grail. Like I mentioned earlier I have learned to wear a pore filler underneath this primer in order to achieve smaller pores and smooth skin that's ready for foundation. 

We simply could not do top drugstore products without mentioning Wet N Wild shadows. They are so pigmented and are so affordable. Women of all ages and all socioeconomic groups can appreciate these shadows. I love that an 8 pan palette is less than $5.00! Quality makeup at super affordable prices. It just doesn't get any better than that! 

10. Top 3 Worst Beauty Purchases
Ever fallen victim to the hype of the latest beauty product only to get it home and have it do nothing for you? What products would you skip if you could do it all again.

I love the Revlon Photoready line. So when I saw this darling little face palette on sale for less than $3.00 I scooped it up and trotted merrily home. Unfortunately, I was sadly disappointed when I discovered that there was virtually NO pigmentation to this palette. Revlon you let me down. :(                  

I've never been a huge Almay fan but when I spied this cute palette on sale and I had a coupon I figured I would take it home. I was completely disappointed when I discovered how little pigmentation there was to the lighter colors. The darker one is ok but it's still only mediocre. So imagine my dismay when I saw a very popular YouTuber singing the praises of this palette. 

I  am going to assume that this Pantene Pro-shaping Spray works fine as a hairspray.  But see, I wouldn't really know because I can't stand the smell of it. I am not overly sensitive to product smells but this is just horrible. It was so bad that I could not bear to actually spray it on my hair. Pantene did anyone bother to smell this before you put it on store shelves? 

I would like to tag the following lovely ladies. My personal friend and new blogger Danica from .dani entirely. My gal pal from across the pond Saffron from Saffy Style. My favorite subscription box aficionado Erica from Reviews Until You Drop. Chelsea from Makeup by Chelsea because, um, hello, wow. She's completely awesome and I'd like to hear her answers. Deanne from Dee's Beautiful Life because I lurk on her fabulous blog but haven't really interacted with her yet. Lisa from Unapologetic because she is such an inspiration to me and I am blessed to consider her my friend. Irene from Missiemania because I have followed her and adored her for so very long.

If you haven't specifically been named but would like to join the Top Three Tag please feel free to join us. 

Thank you so very much to Jackie and Cynthia for their help in creating the Top Three Tag. It's truly been a pleasure working with you two lovely ladies!!! 

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Life at 44

Today is my 44th birthday. I am not afraid or ashamed of my age. After all, it's the cumulation of my experiences and a testament to the lessons life has taught me. I am blessed by life's challenges; they have taught me the value of  love and laughter.  I am blessed to have a chronic illness; it has taught me so much about who I am. I am blessed to struggle with chronic pain; it has taught me what I am capable of handling.  I am blessed to be madly in love; it's taught me to be a kinder person. Life and all the pain it brings is such a beautiful thing; we are blessed to share it with each other.

When I was 11 I was healthy, happy and waiting an hour seemed like waiting a lifetime. I was doe eyed, fearlessly adventurous, fiercely stubborn and wildly independent. I thoroughly enjoyed making my big sister get in trouble with the parents and I wasn't at all concerned about getting in to trouble myself. My theory for being in trouble was that my parents weren't going to kill me (let's face it, if they were the killing type I'd already be dead) and any punishment they give me could only last 7 years because once I turn 18 I was free. I would tell my 11 year old self to never lose that sense of fierce independence, it will serve you well later in life.  I would encourage to stay focused in school and save the rest of the nonsense for later. I would also remind myself to be kinder to my parents.  They're good people and deserve to have polite children, they got you instead so be thankful they are very tolerant.

I think I was 9 instead of 11 but it's a classic pic!

When I was 22 I was a young mother, a young travel agent, and a young divorcee. Not where I had hoped to be but suddenly I saw the world through my son's eyes. It was a wonderful mystical world full of fanciful things, wonderful people, extraordinary delights and a lot of hard work. I was beginning to realize that their are great rewards for a job well done.  Soon, the world will be yours for the taking, enjoy it. Your job will take you to magical places, live life loud and never look back. I would tell my 22 year old self to enjoy the delight of your son for soon he will be a grown man as time passes all too quickly. Thrive in this moment for you can never repeat it. Remember, there is still so much you have yet to experience, so much you have yet to learn. Embrace all that the world has to offer. It's amazing, it's beautiful and it's cruel. Allow that cruelty to spur you onto bigger and better things. Allow it to burn within you so that you will fight harder for the things that are important to you.

My son, Brendon, and I in 1992

When I was 33 I was managing and growing a successful travel agency on a military installation, raising a very bright young man, traveling a lot and escorting groups on cruises. Life was happy, full, busy and beautiful. I was still living life on my terms. Still plodding through life clueless as to who I truly was or what true happiness looked like. I was going through the motions and doing what I thought I should be doing to create this illusion of a happy life. I did all the things that should have made me happy. I didn't even realize just how conflicted I was inside. I would tell my 33 year old self to enjoy the freedom that currently exists. Would I tell myself that I would soon be diagnosed with a life altering diagnosis? I don't know. The journey to the depths of my soul was so raw, so difficult and so beautiful. I would remind myself to continue to look for the beauty because it's there.  It's right there within you. This is just an adjustment, just a bump in the road or a hitch in your giddy up. You will understand more, live more, feel more and be more in the next few years than you ever imagined possible. Buckle your seat belt. It's gonna be a bumpy ride.

2003 in San Antonio, Texas

Now I am 44 I am newly married to a good man with two beautiful daughters, working part time for the YMCA, focusing on my health full time, blogging for fun, living life more passionately and, hopefully, inspiring others. Life is nothing like I expected it to be but it's so much more. It's wonderfully, beautifully, messily, crazily, amazingly, disastrously more than I ever dreamed was possible. I'm not afraid of who I am or what's to come. I know that if I leave tomorrow that my loved ones will know who I truly am and they will be thankful to have known me. My passion for life will live on beyond me. I am telling my 44 year old self to buckle your seat belt, the ride still isn't over. The ride may still get very bumpy, so remaining positive is so very important. Living a life full of love and faith is the only defense for the fear of the unknown. Face whatever lies ahead bravely and never lose focus of all the love and happiness that surrounds you.  In so many ways it feels like I have already lived a lifetime but on the other hand it feels like I have just begun. Every moment is the start of a new journey. Enjoy it!

2013 with Boyet at Oklahoma Redhawks baseball game

We should never ask, "Why me?" Instead, we should ask, "What do I possess that makes me capable of handling this situation?" Once we stop looking for the why  and start looking for the blessings the truth begins to expose itself. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Adversity is Life's Greatest Gift

Why me?
How did this happen?
What now?
What am I going to do?
Where do I go from here?

These are all natural reactions to any negative event that happens. The truth is bad things happen to everyone. After all, have you ever met an interesting old person that didn't have some tale of adversity to tell? Interesting people are born from finding unique ways to overcome difficult events. Positive people aren't born that way; they choose to be that way. Happy people do not come from lucky circumstances; they find reasons to be happy in spite of their challenges. 

 I began asking myself what qualities positive people possess that help them cope in the face of great adversity. Some people seem to battle the odds and come out smiling. Some seem to be fighting a losing battle yet they go down with a smile on their face. What is it that they possess that give them the ability to stand strong no matter how many challenges life throws at them? Since my diagnosis, I have been carefully examining which traits are most prevalent amongst happy, well adjusted people. Below is a list of the traits that are best suited to overcoming adversity.  

Fiercely Independent - This gives a person the fortitude to believe that they alone can make things happen. They don't wait for others to make things better for them. They just begin examining their own circumstances and begin changing what they can. Some would say they are selfish but the truth is that they tend to be more successful. 

Exceptionally Resilient - The human body can withstand so much more than we believe is possible. We need to remember that pain alone will not kill a person.  As a matter of fact, the body will automatically overcome the body's sensors to block out pain once it becomes too extreme.  Although uncomfortable, pain truly is an issue of mind over matter. 

Brutally Stubborn - This gives one the wherewithal to continue to fight for their dreams even when it seems that the fight is over. Stubborn people will not accept defeat without putting up a fight. They refuse to believe that anything is impossible. When they come across one roadblock, they consult the map and find a new path. The refuse to accept anything less than success.

Perpetually Hopeful - Hope is the key to finding strength when facing any challenge. If you don't believe you can overcome then you will never put up your best fight. When faced with a difficulty, one must believe that there will be a better tomorrow. If one loses hope, life and everything in it become worthless. When we believe that the future is bright we will continue the struggle. 

Wildly Adventurous - Some enjoy the excitement of blazing new trails both literally and figuratively. You have to be willing to brave the unknown in order to create something new and fulfilling. Whether its new to you or new to the world, you have be willing to face your fears of failure in order to reach something you thought was unattainable. Remember if you reach for the moon and fail; you'll still land among the stars.

Exceptionally Resilient - One needs to see that failure is not the end of a dream but the end of a lesson. A person learns a lot about what not to do when they fail. Failure makes the path to success clearer by illuminating things you didn't know before. Failure is painful. So we need to remember that pain is just another sensation and it should serve as a reminder of just how strong we are.

Overly Opinionated - This trait allows a person to speak up for what they need and what they want. Some would see this as a negative characteristic but when harnessed it can serve you well when others are trying to force something upon you. You are always your own best advocate and should never settle for something that's not right for you. Don't ever let anyone, including doctors, talk you into doing something you don't believe in. Stand up for yourself and don't feel guilty for doing so.

Willingly Generous - Many people are great at helping others. However, asking for help is always difficult. But how would you feel if someone you loved needed help but wouldn't ask you. You would probably be hurt and offended that they wouldn't even consider asking when you would be more than glad to help.  Asking for help does not make one weak, it makes one human. Being able to receive graciously is the only way to learn to give freely without expecting some form of repayment. 

One will never be able to know their own heart without possessing these eight character traits. You have to know each and every one of your traits in order to effectively use them to build a happy, fulfilled life. Unfortunately, all too often we see adversity as something negative rather than something positive. Eventually, every difficulty will become a really great story to inspire others.  You may not see it that way to begin with; but, you will understand that in time. Remember that every challenge is lesson which will make you a better, stronger person. Don't let the lesson escape you by allowing anger to become your primary focus. Feel the pain that the challenge brings forth. Let the burn push you harder toward your goals. Everyone experiences difficulties, it's how we handle them that sets us apart. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer

Rimmel has hit a home run with this formula! These lip lacquers have the pigmentation of some of the best lipsticks with the easy application of a gloss. Although, you will need the mirror as they are super pigmented; so you will want to make sure that you apply them without making a mess.  The Show Off line offers 14 shades with a variety of finishes and retails for a modest $4.99 at Walgreens.
This formula is more like a liquid lipstick rather than a gloss but the pigmentation rivals some of the best lipsticks. I think that most would agree that MAC's amplified finish gives some of the most opaque coverage of any lipstick. I will admit that it took a couple of swipes to build Cosmo (shown on the right) but the Show Off was one quick swipe. I would even go so far as to say that the Show Off is more pigmented.
Luna, Comet and Nova are all cream formulas with no shimmer.  Luna is a bright coral color which leans peach rather than pink.  Comet is a darker neutral which seems a bit brown on my fair skin.  Nova is a bright medium pink.  These are truly an amazing product at any price but they are an absolute steal at under five bucks.  As an avid couponer who hates to pay full price for anything, I gladly paid the price for these and they are worth every penny.

RC Rimmell Show Off

Monday, July 15, 2013

Influenster Ponds BB+ Unboxing

When I received this LARGE box in the mail I had completely forgotten that I had received an invite to one of the most prestigious and exciting Influenster VoxBoxes to date. I was completely overwhelmed by the size of the box and couldn’t quite figure out from where the box had come.  I eagerly tore into the box, with glee, to discover what treasures such a mysterious box could hold.
The first thing I spied was a bright pink envelope.  Curious.  What    delights waited for me inside this little lovely? A quick scan of the    pink pages enclosed informed and reminded me that I had been    selected to one of the first to try the brand new Pond’s Luminous    Finish BB+ for free for review purposes. Only 200 have been    selected to participate in this program and I am honored to have    been selected.
The packaging for the new Pond’s BB+ is adorable. I am a sucker for anything pink or purple.  They sent extra for me to share with family and friends.  I am delighted that they sent extras to share.  Maybe this would be a good time to do a giveaway. It would be a nice way to remind both healthy and chronically ill women that feeling beautiful is important.  As women sometimes we tend to give too much of ourselves.

Knowing that this box was way too large for just a few tubes of BB+ I kept digging.  Only to discover this bright pink bubble wrapped delight. Quite surprised and shocked by the size of this of this treasure. The only think I could ascertain through the bubble wrap was that it was definitely bright pink. So, I carefully removed the bubble wrap being careful not to drop the treasure it contained.


Imagine the surprise and the joy on my face when I unwrapped this mirrored, neon pink ummmmm….. Well, I’m not sure yet what it is. Some would groan and say that whatever it is, it’s a bit garish.  I would beg to differ with them.  I find it terribly cute, super girly and simply delightful.  The fact that the mirror reminds one to “Be Your Beautiful Best” is a great reminder of that beauty helps this chronically ill gal feel healthy.
I gently lift the mirrored lid to discover two tubes of the new Pond’s Luminous Finish BB+.  Well, wow! This is simply the most adorable presentation box for any beauty product.  I am completely stunned.  This bright pink delight is simply the cutest presentation I have ever seen in my entire life.  It just doesn’t get any better than this.  The tray that holds the two BB+ Creams in place does remove if one wished to reuse the box.

The new Pond’s Luminous Finish BB+ provides flawless coverage while working to even skin tone in two weeks.  It contains SPF 15, lightweight moisture, tone perfecting complex formulated with vitamin E acetate and glycerin.  Luminous Finish BB+ aims to reduce the number of beauty and skin care products we use during our daily beauty regimen.  It is designed to conceal imperfections for natural looking coverage and leave skin with a matte finish.  It is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. It will be available at mass retailers this month will retail for approximately $9.99.  Pond’s has been trusted for over 150 years and didn’t rush to jump on the “BB” cream bandwagon.  They took their time to develop a product worthy to join this iconic beauty brand.
Prior to receiving this box I had talked about starting a YouTube channel to encourage women with chronic illness to use beauty as a tool to living a healthy, happy life.  This opportunity is now pushing me forward to start that beauty channel.  I am anxious and excited to determine where this journey will lead.  This is an extremely humbling way to start my YouTube journey.  This is an prestigious campaign and I am quite honored to be part of it.  Stay tuned to my blog, my Facebook, my Twitter, and my Instagram to join me on this journey into the wonderful world of YouTube.