Sunday, August 28, 2011

Murder at the Four Deuces

The Birthday Boy, Brendon! AKA "Big Jim" who was murdered at the Four Deuces.

Brendon's friend, Heather.  AKA Inspector Nutella.

Our friend, Robby.  AKA Al Capone

Me as Madam Meme, owner of the Four Deuces, with Brendon as Big Jim before he was murdered.

Dani as Rhett Bumbler, Miss Brooklyn, and Amanda as Big Jim's daughter Rebecca.
Rebecca turns out to be the one guilty of murdering her father.

My niece Kaitlyn as Vicky Ravioli and my sister Tammy as Baroness Ravioli.

Roy as Cash Steal, Brendon as Big Jim, Heather as Inspector Nutella and Erik as Capo Tequila.

Dani "Rhett Bumbler" and Robby "Al Capone" conspiring.

All in all it was a great day for a murder.  The party was a smashing success and everyone enjoyed the fun of trying to solve the crime.

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!
Thanks for being the light of my life.  You have brought me so much happiness through the years. You have turned into a wonderful young man.  I love you!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Skyping with Arnee

Most of the time I am home, you can find me with my computer close by.  My Skype is always open.  Arnold is usually either online with me or I am waiting for him to return from work.  It's a routine we have had for months now.  This has also profound effects on the littlest member of Casa Femme, Brooklyn.  Every time she sees my open computer she waves and says "Hi!" even if Arnold isn't on.  She will even say "bye bye" to the computer as she walks out of the room.  

Brooklyn and Arnee after their usual ritual of showing each other their feet.

Brooklyn showing Arnee something of interest even though he can't see it.

Even though, he's never been here he is a huge part and the only male member of Casa Femme.  Thank God for the blessing of technology.  Skype allows us to spend copious amounts of quality time without cost.  We have spent more time together than most dating couples do, it's just that our time is spending "Skyping" instead of dating.  

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Preparing for Murder

Brendon's 22nd birthday is coming up on Saturday and I find myself drowning in party preparations.  We are having a roaring '20s murder mystery party and there is plenty of prep work that goes into hosting such an event.  The table is cluttered with character packs, "murder" evidence, streamers, shopping lists, my sewing machine (I am making my costume) and other party supplies.  Luckily our house is perfectly suited to host such an event.

Yes, we do have furniture in the house! But the hardwood floors with crown and floor molding are original to the house which was built in 1937.  We are just adding a few touches here and there and Casa Femme will be transformed into the "Four Deuces" speakeasy.  

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Words with Friends

Arnold and I enjoy playing Words with Friends (Scrabble).  I will admit that he is much better at it than I am. But I don't mind losing to him.  And I definitely don't mind bragging on Facebook about beating him. He, however, is a much better winner than I am and doesn't brag on Facebook.

One day while playing I discovered that the letters remaining in my tray had an interesting message.

Yep, that's right they spelled "Arnee." I couldn't help but laugh! Of course, I had to take a screen shot; because this was too funny not to share!