The Building a Better Beauty Blog series is a collaboration between Laurie from the The Makeup Squid and myself. Our goal with this series is to help new bloggers establish a fantastic blog from the start and to help the experienced blogger finesse their blog.  Laurie writes great articles on writing and managing the content of your blog posts and I am writing on posts on stylizing your Blogger posts. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with WordPress; therefore, I could not speak knowledgeably about it.

This page will provide you a complete list of all the posts in the BBBB series. They will be listed in the proper chronological order, meaning the oldest posts are listed first and the newest are listed last. 

Laurie's Posts

What's in a Review Something Every Beauty Blogger Should Know!
Important details for reviewing products.

Everything a Beauty Blogger Should Know Part 2
Plethora of details that you need to know and understand.

Blog Planning and How It Can Help
How and why to plan your blog posts.

Starting a YouTube Beauty Channel: Things you Should Know
Great tips for starting your own YouTube Channel.

 Understanding Your Beauty Blogger
Tips on being a good beauty blogger and a good beauty blog reader.

When Disaster Strikes! Bloggers Survival Guide
Houston, we have a problem. Find solutions here.

Blogging Advice Tips, Tricks, How to's and Other Valuable Information
List of BBBB article published as of Oct 26, 2013

Shalunya's Posts

The Basics 
Learn the basics of elements of a Blogger layout.

What Exactly is a Gadget?
Defining the basic gadgets offered by Blogger.

Grab Buttons for Your Sidebar
Adding and organizing other blogger's Grab Buttons on your blog's sidebar.

Creating a Grab Button
Creating your own Grab Button.

Creating a Post Signature
How to add a cute and creative signature at the bottom of every post.

Let's Talk Tabs
How and why to use tabs.

Keeping Up with It All
How to keep track of the blogs you are reading.