Monday, September 21, 2009

Waiting for something different

So we went to the vet today prepared to have surgery. The mass on her eye has gotten quite a bit bigger and it’s growing by the minute. But when we got there Dr. Mike wanted to check her blood counts, urinalysis, etc to make sure that she is going to tolerate the surgery well.
After getting her results back from the lab, he determined that her white cell count is too low for them to do the procedure to remove this mass from her eye. He is currently consulting with her oncologist to determine what the best course of action is.
Since we were freed from the impending surgery I decided to go have my hair colored. I was wanting to go for some highlights and lowlights. But we ran into a little snafu…..since I had colored my hair at home it is in need of a little TLC before we torture it with highlights. So we went ahead with the lowlights and we also did a deep conditioning treatment.
Although it’s a little darker than what I’m used to I really like it. I will be able to get those highlights soon enough!