Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lovin’ Oklahoma

Today as I drove to my sister’s house an AWACS plane directly overhead at a distance some would find a bit too close for comfort.  For me, it was reassuring and heartwarming that once again I was ‘home.’  This started me thinking about all the reasons I love Oklahoma and all the reasons I find Oklahoma a place of comfort. 
Tinker AFB is located just outside of Oklahoma City and just a few miles from the house I grew up in.  These big birds could frequently be seen in the skies above and around my house.  There are only a few bases world wide which these babies call home.  I am proud to say that Tinker is one such base.
Just in case you were wondering, the drive in restaurants were started in Oklahoma.  Just watch Diners, Drive In, and Dives on the food network, they know all about the history of these things.  Sonic Drive In is an Oklahoma staple and is headquartered here as well.  One of the greatest reasons to love Sonic is the drinks!!!!!! 44 ounces of Sweet Tea, cherry or vanilla flavored Coke, Cherry Limeades, Lemon-Berry Slushes, and so on and so on!!!!cid__0803002015
Only in Oklahoma can you find a shopping mall that is dying but the oil pump in the parking lot is still happily pumping oil!!! Gotta love it!
One can easily determine when they have arrived in Oklahoma by merely looking at the ground under their feet.  Here, we lack soil.  It’s been replaced with red clay which stains our children’s clothing and does not come out in the wash!! I have even had red clay stain the engine of my car making the mechanics in San Antonio wonder if I painted my engine!
Another Oklahoma staple is Braum’s dairy.  They produce all sorts of dairy products but the milk and the ice cream are to die for.  Braum’s alone is enough to make someone want to move to the Sooner State!
I could keep going indefinitely about all the reasons I love Oklahoma and why you will never be able to take the Okie out of me.  But I will spare you all the details and tell you that I can’t imagine growing up without these things in my life.  I can, however, tell you that I miss them terribly as an adult and find all of these things (and more) a comforting part of coming home!
P.S. Christmas isn’t complete until any Okie has heard the B.C. Clark jingle.