Monday, August 30, 2010

Vegas, Baby!!!

My baby turned 21 on Friday August 27.  Sadly, most of that day was spent in the car driving from Oklahoma, thru the Texas panhandle, across New Mexico, over a corner of Arizona and onto LAS VEGAS, Nevada.  17 hours of total travel time. Argh. But it went smoothly!
We are staying at the Summer Bay Desert Club and it is sooooo nice! It’s beautiful! And it’s only 2 blocks from the strip!
Brendon’s roommate, Erik, had to check the bed to make sure it was comfy….
Full kitchen, Dining area, Living room, Fireplace, Bedroom, Walk-in Closet, huge Bathroom with a HUGE tub!
Saturday morning, we took the free shuttle over to the Circus Circus on the strip.
102_6002 I bought Brendon his first legal drink at Rock N Rita’s in Circus Circus; it was called a Toilet Bowl.
I am so blessed to have such a great son.  I am grateful to have the life I have, so that I can take my son to Vegas for a week long 21st birthday celebration.
It’s nice to be able to walk down the strip on a hot day with a cold drink in hand.
Vegas is so amazing!! It’s one huge themed hotel after another!  The palm trees, the stores, the gambling, the drinks, the shows, the FUN!!!
The Mardi Gras spirit of Harrah’s is always fun!
Shopping in Caesar’s Palace is AMAZING! It feels like it’s an outdoor shopping mall.  The domed sky changes from night to day in an hour. 
Margaritaville at the Flamigo hotel.
Planet Hollywood also has a sky on the ceiling and it rains!!

We had a great lunch at Planet Hollywood before going to see Zen Magic. 

It was a great show combining a Japanese theme with magic, aerial acrobats, comedy and drama!  The stars Ai and YuKi were kind enough to take a photo with Brendon after the show!
We walked down the strip passed the Harley Davidson Cafe to M&M World!
M&M’s in every color imaginable!!! Brendon bought M&M’s and I bought pajamas and pens (of course!)
We are truly enjoying our vacation in Las Vegas just wandering the strip, gambling, eating, sightseeing, etc. 
Of course all this fun does come at a price.  I’ve had a headache everyday and I need to rest more frequently than the boys do. But we have been keeping the pace light and the mood fun.  In the evening we either enjoy a leisurely swim followed by the jacuzzi or I will take a long, long bath in the tub big enough for four! I couldn’t ask for two better kids to go with!
We had a great bartender at Circus Circus…he served Brendon his first drink with style!