Thursday, September 9, 2010


Born with a gypsy spirit
Her heart began to roam
The story so entangled
Twisting across her tome

Her soul thrashed by life
Blank pages were her guide
Faith her only compass
She drifted with the tide

After years in upheaval
The seas began to calm
Complacency the new author
Easing her frightful qualm

Her story once intrigued
Had now begun to wane
Her zeal for exploring
Now spun tales of refrain

Her legend now retold
In darkness lost at sea
No hope on the horizon
Longing her only destiny

Shifting winds turned pages
Her sun began to dawn
His harbor her new safety
To his shore she is drawn

The wisdom behind his eyes
Saw her wounded empty soul
His abundant heart wept
He yearned to make her whole

Enchantment quietly called 
Her pain he gently eased
Tenderly he whispered
Her heart he softly seized

Her pale skin he touched
Her desire soon soared
Their flames quickly ignited
Heated passion now roared

Absolute in his devotion 
She surrendered her doubt
Hopes for a cherished future 
Charted their new route

Final chapter to her fable
Words he now penned
Their fairy tale eternal
A love without end