Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cheer America 2011

The sign out side Reliant Stadium displaying CHEER AMERICA!
My niece, Kaitlyn, and her really super sweet boyfriend, Rayland.
IMG_1201  IMG_1206
Tribe Cheer Warriors did a fantastic job both days of competition.
IMG_1342  IMG_1312
Their stunts were great!
They were all so happy and so pleased after their performances.
Rayland, Kaitlyn, Mary and Michael.
Michael, Mary’s boyfriend made this amazing light up sign that matches the Tribe Cheer logo.
Rayland is a terrific kid and was even teasing hair before the competition.
Woobie Hunt 2011
IMG_1265  IMG_1266
Rayland has a favorite blanket that he brought with him. He is such a jokester that we figured it was time to turn the tables on him.  We actually hid his blanket to see how long it would be before he notices.  When he noticed did a bit of stomping around the hotel room to find it while my sister and I tried to contain our laughter.
Success!! Rayland found the hidden woobie and is off to take a nap!
My beautiful niece Kaitlyn.
IMG_1371  IMG_1363 
Look at theses faces!! Don’t they absolutely beam with happiness!IMG_1372
Please not the face hiding behind the sign.  Yes that would be Rayland, the resident clown!
Tribe Cheer Warriors. CHAMPIONS – Cheer America 2011