Thursday, August 25, 2011

Skyping with Arnee

Most of the time I am home, you can find me with my computer close by.  My Skype is always open.  Arnold is usually either online with me or I am waiting for him to return from work.  It's a routine we have had for months now.  This has also profound effects on the littlest member of Casa Femme, Brooklyn.  Every time she sees my open computer she waves and says "Hi!" even if Arnold isn't on.  She will even say "bye bye" to the computer as she walks out of the room.  

Brooklyn and Arnee after their usual ritual of showing each other their feet.

Brooklyn showing Arnee something of interest even though he can't see it.

Even though, he's never been here he is a huge part and the only male member of Casa Femme.  Thank God for the blessing of technology.  Skype allows us to spend copious amounts of quality time without cost.  We have spent more time together than most dating couples do, it's just that our time is spending "Skyping" instead of dating.