Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I was inspired to make tutus.

Don't ask, I am not really certain where the inspiration came from.  These things just happen with me. So, in preparation for 'pride' week, I made tutus for Amanda and myself.

My HUGE tutu with the colors of the rainbow on the tips of the tutu.

The colors are just tied on the end of the longer white stretches of tulle.

Amanda's tutu had the colors laid on top of a basic black tutu.

Amanda and I wearing our new rainbow tutus!

Dani and I at Angles club for pride.

Amanda in her tutu with Dani.

Amanda's Mom, Rita bought us funky glasses to wear as well. :)

Amanda, looking sassy, in her purple shades.

Yes, I know.... I'm a star! LOLZ!

Having a beer together on the street at pride.

With Independence Day quickly approaching, I got busy and made little Miss Brooklyn a red, white and blue tutu.

She looked soooooo precious in her Old Navy tee and her silver chucks.

Brookums, Dani and Roxy looking so happy together.

I adorned her tutu with a red rose and red carnations.  I must say, it is completely adorable!