Sunday, June 20, 2010

Not so Guilty Pleasures………

I have truly been focusing on bringing my life back to a happy place.  I need to find the girl I once was that embraced life and all it had to offer.  I am journaling, meditating, blogging, and listening to a lot of happy music.  Thank you Mary for introducing Mika to me.  I think he is possibly one of the happiest singers!!!
I have also been enjoying time in Korea AGAIN! I went to the Gunsan Philharmonic.  They were celebrating movie tunes and it was fantastic!!!
Thank God the part of the program that lists the songs was in English and Korean! It included:
Jurassic Park
Schindler’s List
Hollywood Blockbusters
Star Wars
Pirates of the Caribbean
It was a great performance and I was glad we went.  It was great to get out and experience some of the culture Korea has to offer!!
While I was in Oklahoma with the kids I became addicted to Guitar Hero.  I bought Rock Band for Wii here in Korea.  It has more top 40 songs than Guitar Hero. So I find myself having a daily jam session. 
IMG_0762But it’s a lot more fun than I ever thought it would be.  I’m not a huge video game girl but I do enjoying playing on the Wii.  And now I am enjoying playing music on the Wii!!! I was in high school band but I am amazed at how much talent can be lost in 20+ years!!  Oh, well…it’s all in fun. 
I am really starting to feel stronger and more stable than I have in a long time. I am really examining my life since my diagnosis in August ‘05.  I am learning how unsettled things have truly been since then.  Now I am just soul searching to determine what makes me truly happy and why I am not pursuing those things.