Sunday, February 12, 2012

Thoughts that visit in the middle of the night.

I won't always share my most intimate thoughts about our relationship so openly as I respect relationship and privacy. However, today on his birthday, I wanted to share this message I sent to him the other night about how amazing he is. So without further ado:

Love, It came crashing down on me this evening as I listen to every breath you take while sleeping. All the reasons I need you in my life became crystal clear. It is all so very simple. You make it simple.

You are the warmth in my sunshine,
You are the stars in my night sky,
You are the rhythm in my heart,
You are the release in my sigh.

You are the smile in my morning,
You are the comfort in my fear,
You are the air in my breath,
You are the melody in my ear.

You are the joy in my world,
You are the strength in my sorrow,
You are the hand in my hand,
You are the hope in my tomorrow.

You are the beauty in my meadow,
You are the serenity in my strife,
You are the home in my journey,
You are the simplicity in my life.

You are the innocence in my prayer,
You are the delight in my scheme,
You are the reason in my being,
You are the faith in my dream.

It's easy because of you, bebi. It's good because of you. You're gentle and kind. You're unassuming and easy. You make it uncomplicated. You make it right. You remind me of what I need to hear, of what I need to see, and of what I need to be without ever saying a word. You know how to make me a better person without changing who I am. You lead me by your presence more than your words. You remind me of all the reasons I battle with my health to life fully and freely. You do so much more for me by just being you. You keep things light and calm when so many things in my being are difficult and confused. Never stop being you. Never let my challenges bring you down. You do a great job at being with me, at being there for me, at being what I need. Thank you for letting me happen to you. 

I can only hope that the rest of his world sees him in the manner in which I see him. Arnold is simply the most amazing man I have had the pleasure of knowing. He is the best friend I could ever hope to have and I get the joy of spending the rest of my life with him. I look forward to sharing my world with him and learning more about his world. He is exactly what I need to help me cope with a lifetime of illness and pain. He reminds of every reason to smile when I only feel like crying. I am so blessed that God brought him into my life.