Sunday, November 10, 2013

Top 10 List for Living Well

Welcome my cheery little blog where we talk a lot about makeup and being happy. Years ago I read a book that inspired me to write a top ten list for living well. I just wanted something I could refer to when things are getting tough. They have served as a beautiful reminder that I should be happier and kinder to myself. In light of the horrific events from  the typhoon that devastated parts of the Philppines, I have included some photographs in hopes that you will remember the people that have been affected in order to lift up a prayer for their healing. 

1. Celebrate current relationships NOW!
Our relationships will last for a reason, a season or a lifetime; but, soon enough they all come to an end. We should embrace the beauty the relationship brings no matter the duration of the relationship. For we are all here to share something valuable with each other. Just remember that sometimes people come into our lives just to teach us lessons or so that we may teach them a lesson.

2. Lose the rose colored glasses.
Reality is a constant in our lives. If we try to sweep our difficult realities under the rug rather than facing them head on, they will grow into something exponentially larger. Wearing rose colored glasses only delays the inevitable. Find the true beauty in life, don't try to create a false sense of happiness. Tackle the difficult things first, then everything else is easy.

3. Don't count sacrifices.
We should never feel like we are unworthy of accepting help, gifts or generosity. Kindness comes from the heart. Likewise when we give we should do so with a thankful heart because we are fortunate to be in a position to help others. Neither giving nor receiving should occur with the expectation of reciprocity. The only way we will ever be able to give freely is by being able to accept graciously. 

4. Enjoy individual blessings.
We should always remember that our gifts and talents are equally as meaningful as the gifts and talents of others. We all have gifts even if we haven't found them yet. Never question another's motives when they pay us a compliment. Accept their words as the truth and let it become part of who we are no matter how big or how little the compliment.

5. Utilize and appreciate support.
Everyone has bad days. As much as we are willing to be there to bolster our loved ones, we need to allow them the chance to lift us when we need it. Remember, friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly. Accepting help does not mean we are less of a person, it merely means that we are incapable of knowing everything. 

6. Embrace whatever works.
Society places too many expectations on us and we should stop giving credence to society. If standing on our heads makes us feel better or makes things easier for us, we shouldn't care that it looks silly. We need to accept the things that help us live life bigger and better. Everyone has some unconventionality to them, just embrace it all because variety is the spice of life. 

7. Enjoy life for what it is and for what we've been given.
There will always be those that have more than us and those that have less than us. Instead of counting what we don't have or listing what we want, just enjoy the blessings with which we have already been bestowed. We have already been given everything we need to get us to where we are currently and so much more. Gratitude is what keeps us humble. 

8. Spend time wisely.
We can't save time, we can only spend time. No one has ever sat on their death bed and wished for larger houses and cars. True regret is centered around people that we deem important. Don't let lame excuses keep us from what our heart longs to do. Just do it or say it. Make that connection before it becomes a regret. Spend the time on the important things, rather than nonsensical things.

9. Rediscover passion often.
Passion isn't exclusive to the bedroom; it's everywhere. Passion breeds beauty and success. If something excites us, then cultivate that excitement. We should give ourselves a chance to explore life and all it has to offer. If something then doesn't ignite that spark, it doesn't mean we're a failure. It simply means that it's not right for us. Keep trying new things until you find that spark. 

10. Don't ever stop wearing high heels and lipstick.
We feel better when we look good. Putting on a great shade of lipstick and a pair of nice heels can change our disposition and makes us feel healthy and beautiful. We need to savor those moments when we feel beautiful because if we tell ourselves often enough that we're beautiful then we'll begin to believe it. Being beautiful is less about what we wear and more about how we feel. 

What would be on your top ten list? What are your tips for living a happy life? 

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