Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is said to be for lovers. However, Arnold and I are of the opinion that if we can't show our love and devotion for each other the other 364 days out of the year, then doing something 'symbolic' on this day won't change anything.  Since we are so very far apart from each other we didn't send packages to each other because neither of us has a desire to pay for postage. I really don't care for cut flowers. Watching them wither, since they have been intentionally cut from the stem where Mother Nature intends them to flourish, does not sound like a pleasant activity to me. So I wouldn't want him to waste his money just to make me sad. We did tell each other Happy Valentine's Day, but other than that it was just one more day of separation to check off on the calendar.

Lately, I really have been struggling with panic attacks that strike just as I am falling asleep.   As soon as my body and mind begin to drift off I am struck with this overwhelming need to jump up and run. Run to where? Anywhere, nowhere, out of my own body. Truthfully, that's not really a possibility. So I just do what I can to calm myself. Last night I was not surprised by the panic attack that hit; because during the day I was struggling with my heart rate being way to high at 108.  Typically, there is this domino effect that happens with my health.  I have spent years trying to ignore my symptoms, to just get on with my life in spite of the fact that I suffer with symptoms. So usually by the time I pay attention to the fact that I am having symptoms it’s too late and the first domino has fallen. At some point later I end up struggling with a migraine, a panic attack, extreme fatigue or other symptoms which could leave in bed for a day or so. Yesterday was no exception, I was just too silly to see the warning signs. Luckily I can skype with Arnold anytime he is home.  I am so blessed that he understands. Sometimes when I am having a panic attack just seeing his face and talking with him will help settle me down.  He, usually, wakes up almost instinctively when I need him.

Last night, while explaining my panic attack to him I decided to check the status of his Visa  petition online.  In the flash of a second my tears shift from panic and confusion to sheer delight. I notice that his status has changed. We are no longer under “initial review.” We have now moved to “post decision activity.” The following words are the best Valentine’s gift I could have ever hoped for, “On February 14, 2012, we mailed you a notice that we have approved this I129F PETITION FOR FIANCE. Please follow any instructions on the notice.”   Yes!!!! Finally!! Five months and one day after the government received our petition they have approved that there is enough documentation to support our love story.  Next step, the file will be sent to the National Visa Center for Arnold’s background check.  That is a very short process only taking a few days.  Then the package will be sent to the consulate in Qatar to schedule Arnold’s interview. Once the interview has taken place and everything has been approved Arnold given his visa to join me here in America!!!