Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Touched by Tragedy

For most Americans, the following story probably didn't catch your attention.  If it caught your attention, it only held your attention for a moment.   For the rest of the World, it is a sad news story.  For me, it brought me to tears and to my knees in prayer.  Even now, its hard to type these words without it bringing tears to my eyes.   Without further ado, here's one of the videos regarding this event.
This story is tragic and heartwrenching.  I can't begin to imagine the heartbreak being felt by the loved ones of the dead and injured. I am just so thankful that MY loved one was not among those killed or injured.  Arnold (Boyet) works in the Villagio Mall.  Thankfully, he and all of his co-workers are uninjured but knowing that this could have easily been him has shaken me to my very core.  The magnitude of this event has reached halfway round the world and has rocked my simple little Oklahoma life.  The pain of the families affected now resides in my heart and the pit of my stomach.  The tears of relief I have shed have morphed into kindred tears of sorrow.  I am a swirling mix of emotions and wish more than anything that I could just wrap my arms around my love.  Instead, I will just continue to offer up my prayers of thanks and to ask God to provide some peace for the families affected.

If I could ask one thing, it would be that you join me in prayer over this tragic event.  Nineteen have lost their lives, thirteen of which are children.  Those sweet souls deserve to whispered in God's ears during our prayers.