Saturday, September 1, 2012

Chiari Awareness Month

September has been proclaimed as Chiari Awareness month in a few states now.  Sadly, my state is not a that has not made that proclamation.  However, I am not going to allow that to stop me from doing what I can to spread awareness for my condition.


20 Things about my Chiari
1. Diagnosed when? August '05 at age 36

2. Decompressed, if so when? November '05

3. Other additional conditions, if so which ones? Dysequalibrium, Degenerative Disk Disease, Diastolic Dysfunction (that's a LOT of Ds), Depression, Gloves and Stockings syndrome and Chronic Migraines

4. Have you personally met someone else with Chiari? Not yet.

5. Most challenging symptom(s)? Pain, of course!
6. Most embarrassing Chiari moment? I get clumsy and drop things easily. I once made a beautiful banana split at a friends house and then dropped the entire thing breaking her dish. :(

7. Biggest Chiari frustratsions(s)? Having to explain to a doctor what Chiari is.

8. Number of medications in your personal medicine cabinet? 19 including OTCs

9. Number of Doctors/Therapists stored in your phone? 6

10. Do you attend Dr appointments solo or with support? With my new hubby who is great at supporting me.

11. Biggest regret that Chiari has created? Missing once in a lifetime events due to symptoms.

12. Biggest lesson that Chiari has taught? That every moment that I feel okay is a gift, don't abuse it or let it slip away.

13. Favorite non-medicinal therapy? Yoga. Oh and music.

14. Worst medicinal side effect? Having the taste of all of my favorite foods changed.

15. Biggest change in your life since diagnosis? I had to quit my beloved job as a travel agent.

16. Worst medical test? It's a toss up between an electromyogram and the nerve conduction velocity.

17. Hardest thing to give up because of Chiari? Rollercoasters!!!

18. Have you become more or less religious since diagnosis? I have found more ways to become centered which has increased my belief that God is everywhere and not just in church.

19. Where do you find enjoyment now, that you didn't before? Now, I enjoy more down time, reading, talking with friends/family, etc.

20. Favorite Chiari websites? Chiari Carnival