Thursday, August 30, 2012

Oh, Chiari, you shouldn't have.

Dear Chiari,

You shouldn't have.  No, really, you shouldn't have.  You have given me such thoughtful gifts. They are, um...., incredible. Really, they are. They have taught me so much. The intricate details of these presents are truly mind numbing. They continually amaze me. They touch me in ways I didn't even know existed. You have opened my eyes to so many wonders.  My life has been transformed by all the things I have learned from you.  I didn't know it was possible to feel this way.  It makes me realize that you must really think I am special and I appreciate the passion with which you pursue my attention.  I mean, it's really commendable and it really does make me feel unique. I thank you so very much for the focus you have been giving me lately.  But you really shouldn't. You have been so dedicated to me, personally, for so long now.  You must be getting weary of being so attentive to little ol' me.  I'm so ordinary.

By the way, some of your closest pals have been coming around.  I assume you sent them to reassure me, as if I doubted your intentions.  Trust me, it's not necessary to bother them. There is no need to remind me of your devotion.  I am well aware of your feelings for me.  Surely, they would prefer to pursue their own interests.  They shouldn't feel obligated to hang around me all the time.  I appreciate the courtesy they have shown to me.  I really do.   They, obviously, really care about you; they know everything about you.  They are great at picking up right where you left off.   I didn't even have a chance to miss you because their habits are so similar to yours.  It's cute.  No, really it is.  Trust me.  I am sure they will be there for your through thick and thin.   It must be great to have such dedicated friends.  Thank them for me and tell them I'll be fine.

You must really think I am special since I am getting so much of your time.  I'm flattered.  Really, I am.  So look, I know this will be difficult to hear.  It's difficult for me to say and I hate that this will hurt you.  If I were interested in being involved, you would be my first choice.  Really, you would. You are really fascinating. Honestly!  You are captivating, mysterious, and eccentric.  You know, they should write novels about someone like you.  You re so interesting! You'd make a fascinating research subject. You're so perplexing and complex.  You could blaze new trails, create new ideals. Whereas, I'm just an average Joe.  Just a simpleton, looking for a normal, quiet life.  What I am looking for is so boring and mundane. I just need time, for myself.  I need to figure out who I am, without you. I shouldn't be involved, right now, especially with someone as rare as you.  We just wouldn't be any good together. I would just hold you back.  I'm nowhere near as fascinating as you are.  You really would be better off without me.  I am sure it just wouldn't work out; we're just too different.  So you see, its me; its not you. 

Wishing you all the best, sincerely.