Monday, February 25, 2013

Garnier Hair Care: Delivering Salon Quality Any Woman Can Afford

Recently, I had the opportunity to try a new at home color, Garnier Olia, for free thanks to BzzAgent.  Olia completely ‘WOW’ed me and earned a fantastic review from me.  Boyet has continuously been complimenting on how shiny and healthy my hair looks.  From the before Untitled-1and after picture, on the left, it’s easy to see why.  This has  caused me to think about the quality of the products I have been putting on my hair. My hair is fine, thin and has the texture of straw. Fine and thin is probably due to genetics (although I’m not sure as my sister has thick, voluminous hair) but the texture could be due to the products I have been using. The natural oils in Garnier Olia has truly improved the health of my hair. So I am now on a journey to explore the rest of the Garnier line and to discover which products can truly improve my hair.  Some women don’t have to worry about the cost of their hair care products; but, I’d like to prove that quality doesn’t have to cost a fortune. I want to determine if the average American woman can find great products at fantastic prices. I, also, realize that the average woman doesn’t have a ton of time on her hands; so I’d like to simplify the process by seeking out bargains that don’t require jumping through hoops to acquire.

Let’s start off with some basics on how I save money.  I use coupons, Coupons are my friends, I love coupons. I know what you’re thinking; but I am not referring to anything extreme or needing storage for a year’s supply. Yes, I have three cans of unopened hairspray; but, I don’t think that’s excessive.  I always have a backup on hand; this way I never need run to the store to pay retail for a can of hairspray. Couponing is about organization; it’s not about hoarding.  You need to match the coupons with a sale.  Timing is everything. You need to keep your coupons organized and your resources handy. I do not run all over town to shop. There are four stores that I shop at regularly; they are CVS, WalMart, Target and Homeland (local grocery store chain.)  Today, I  paid only $61.16 at CVS for what would normally cost $138.40 by combining sales, coupons and their Extra Care discounts.

Last week, I bought three cans of Garnier Fructis Anti-Humidity  hairspray with bamboo IMG_9048extract.  This hairspray combats humidity and keeps my hair sleek and smooth. Since I am focusing on the texture of my hair, using a hairspray that helps promote these attributes is extremely important to me. Normally, I would purchase a higher priced, so called salon quality hairspray and end up spending too much for a hairspray that didn’t live up to its claims.  I would eventually get frustrated with spending so much and would then swing the other way and purchase any cheap hairspray because nothing was going to live up to its promises. So, why  waste my money. I need a hairspray to do two things; it should hold my hair in place and to not damage my hair. Period, end of discussion. I have found that the Garnier Fructis does just that and by combining sales and coupons I paid $2.33 a can instead of $3.99 a can. Beauty at a bargain, what’s not to love.

Currently, I am using a keratin serum to help repair and smooth the texture of my hair. I am pleased with 2222899272_97286559543466291129the results; however, I am extremely interested in  the Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil. This oil claims to contain a blend of olive, avocado and shea oils for intensely nourishing hair. It absorbs instantly without leaving the hair greasy or weighed down. Several BzzAgents are participating in a campaign to try and review this product. Sadly, I did not get selected for this campaign. So I will wait until I find a sale that I can combine with my coupon; then, you can bet your bottom dollar that this girl will be all over this ‘Miracle’ dry oil.

Stay tuned to my blog to determine whether or not this dry oil is a miracle.  Also, stay tuned to learn more about how I, with a little help from Garnier, save money on everyday beauty needs. .  Trust me when I say this, it’s not complicated. If this girl who suffers from a rare, chronic neurological condition, a rare heart condition and whose husband is facing a lengthy immigration battle can mange to save money with coupons, then anyone can.

Currently, Garnier coupons are available at for $1.00 off Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner or Treatment.. Coupons are also available at for $1.00 off Garnier Olia, $1.00 off Garnier Hydra Recharge Shampoo or Conditioner. 

Thanks Garnier for creating Olia. It’s perfect for giving me great luxurious color while nourishing my hair.