Sunday, February 10, 2013

Learning to Coupon

Lately, Boyet and I have been learning to coupon.  We watched the television shop Extreme Couponing and we thought, “Hey, we need to be doing that!” So we began collecting Sunday papers for the coupon inserts and began printing coupons from online sources. We soon learned that there were a LOT of rules regarding coupon usage.  We also learned some great tips that helped stretch our coupon dollars. Tomorrow we are even going to a free couponing class being offered by a local website (Coupon Closet). 
IMG_9004One of our favorite stores for couponing is the drugstore CVS. Today we armed ourselves with their sales flyer, store coupons, and ‘Extra Care’ bucks (in store credit) and were able to score some great deals! We bought 4 Dove Men IMG_8996Care soap, 2 of which came with  free deodorant samples, 2 Nature Made Full Strength Mini Super B Complex vitamin supplements, 2 Maybelline Color Whisper lip colors, Colgate Max Fresh and a travel size Nivea crème for $20.41.  Plus, we have $8.00 in “Extra Care’ bucks (storeIMG_8998 credit) to spend next time! In a second transaction, we purchased John Frieda hairspray, John Frieda hair glaze, a 4 pack of Schick Hyrdro 5 razors, 2 Eucerin Intensive Repair lotions, 2 Eucerin Original Healing lotions,a L’Oreal Telescopic Extensions, and a L’Oreal True Match concealer crayon for  $29.63. Plus we have $19.00 in ‘Extra Care’ bucks to use on our next visit!
20130210_132739Next, we headed over to our favorite grocery store, Homeland.  It’s our favorite because they double coupons up to $1.00! TIMG_8989herefore, a $1.00 coupon will provide $2.00 in savings. I always take my coupon box full of coupons.  They are organized alphabetically by product manufacturer so I can find them easily. We spend $62.93 for all the groceries here on the right. But the amazing part is that we saved $84.58!! A 60% savings! I can honestly say that we are now officially addicted to couponing. Although it takes time and effort to organize the coupons and to match the coupons with the store sales, it is well worth it.  Just look at this picture on the left, we received everything in this picture for completely free! IMG_8990Three Yakisoba noodles, 3 Kraft Fresh Take chicken coatings and a bag of Dole Baby Spinach!  Pictured on the right are all of the items purchased for under $1.00. Buiton Linguini $.19, 2 BuitoniIMG_8991 Cheese Ravioli $.99 each , 3 Chicken Fettuccini Helpers $.75 each, Honey Nut Medley Cheerios $.50, 3 Hormel completes $.79 each, 3 Hormel Sandwich completes $.79 each, Swanson Flavor Boost &.85, Dial Antibacterial Hand Soap refill $.59 and Tresemme Sculpting Spray Gel $.76.
IMG_8994IMG_8993Between my sister and I we have managed to amass 15 boxes of hamburger/chicken helper!! Now the problem is where on Earth do we store 15 boxes of this stuff?!?! We have limited storage space in our kitchen! Thank goodness we have a large freezer and another refrigerator in the garage.  Boyet was having a tough time getting everything to fit in our fridge in the kitchen.  I am prepping my groceries for their big photo shoot. while Sis organizes cans in cabinet.  Sis is also mad at Boyet for taking such a lovely photo of her. Usually I take two photos just in case I capture someone with a ‘derp’ face. Sadly, my husband does not utilize this same philosophy.


Couponing has changed the way we shop and is changing our meal planning as well.  Since it is decreasing our monthly food bill, we have gladly changed our menu!