Sunday, March 10, 2013

Being moved by television

~~581744_172826102865408_324447526_nBoyet and I have always enjoyed a good religious documentary.  We are always open to learning about new religions, new philosophies about our own religions or even thoughts that are completely contradictory to our own beliefs.  We find them thought provoking and they usually end up strengthening our faith or at the very worst causing us to pray for clarity on our own beliefs.  We were curious about ‘The Bible Series” airing on the History Channel, so we had recorded it to watch it later. Yesterday, we had the opportunity to watch part one of this Mark Burnett series on ‘The Bible'’ and we were amazed by this beautiful narrative of the stories we know and love.
As we watched, I found myself mesmerized by beauty 549336_174040769410608_1406063084_nthat is ‘The Bible’ both the book and this particular portrayal of the book. Questions began floating around my head forcing me to give them voice on the notepad app on my phone.  I had to jot down the questions and comments running around my brain just so that I was able to enjoy the stories that were unfolding before me. These thoughts have been bouncing through my mind today and and have been crying for further attention.  Therefore, I blog!

What is the point? Why is faith important?  What would Earth be like in the absences of faith?  It’s easy for most of us to rely on faith in times of need, but is faith vital to our daily lives? I can’t answer for anyone other than myself.  But for me, faith is 64181_174100346071317_428644591_nan integral part of life.  I grew up Baptist and have always had a strong faith.  When I was being wheeled into the operating room I found comfort in knowing that my livelihood was safer in God’s power than in the hands of the neurosurgeon.  At one point years before surgery, I became extremely ill and the future of my existence was questionable at best. I can only surmise that my purpose here on Earth is not yet fulfilled since I am still here pushing forward through this condition.  Dealing with a chronic illness reminds me daily that the purpose of my life is greater than my understanding.

I cannot tell you what the purpose of my life truly is.  I cannot define the existence of mankind. I cannot even tell you that I can define every line between right and 625705_173061839508501_96461892_nwrong.  I do know that the only thing I can truly choose to do is love others as much as humanly possible while I am here. Even when others are displaying behavior that is unlovable and blatantly wrong, the only thing I can control is my own behavior toward them. My mind might find that their behavior causes pain for me or others that I love, but my heart reminds me that I should not judge their behavior.  Their transgressions are their own struggles with their faith and beliefs. My goal is to truly lead with my heart and to not allow my frustration to affect my actions.  After all, I would never want anyone to treat me unfairly just because I am having my own moment of struggle.  Now, I know that I am an extremely forthright person, some would even call me blunt and outspoken.  Ok, I will even admit that I am stubborn and opinionated but I, honestly, do my best to practice love equally even when its difficult.  I will also admit that I truly believe that all people have good within them.  Even when they choose to act selfishly, I try to remind myself that I should still treat them with love.
I really try to be a realist.  Some things in this life just cannot be changed, they are beyond our power.  417641_172642919550393_615514490_nBut I truly believe that having the ability to talk about everything, to work together for the common good, and to believe in hope of a better future can help us all to create a better world.  The older I get and the more experiences I have the stronger my faith grows  I am blessed to have such strong beliefs to help me through the difficult times and to make each day more enjoyable.  My relationship with God strengthens my relationship with my husband, my friends and everyone I know. I do not worry about other’s opinions of myself, instead I pray that my actions are led by love.  I can only imagine how beautiful life could be if we all truly focused on leading with love.

I don’t have the answers. I don’t even know the questions.  But I know that my faith is the most important thing in keeping my life and my health stable. I could list symptoms and challenges that would befuddle anyone.  However, I choose to remind myself that each day is still a gift and a blessing.  My relationships are the grace that keeps me centered. I am thankful to have my family, my husband’s large family and my friends in my life. I am thankful that my relationship with God reminds me of all things great about life.