Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cute Small Town Shopping

Katie, I hope you don’t mind but I “borrowed” the photos from your blog.  I must show off the adorable live scarecrows!! Since it’s football season I am free to spend my weekends as I choose and this past weekend Katie and I had the pleasure of attending the Autumn Evening event in a nearby small town.
The kids from the local high school were dressed up as scarecrows and could be found all over main street. The first one that we spotted, Katie’s son, Jonathan immediately recognized as being a real person.  Katie however did not believe him and when we approached the scarecrow and it moved it made Katie jump! It was quite humorous.
The scarecrows were all soooooo adorable and Jonathan got a big kick out of trying to scare the scarecrows. He would sneak up on them and jump at the unsuspecting scarecrows. He managed to make a couple jump!
It was such a great trip and we had lots of fun. It was nice to get out and just have fun and enjoy life.
We found this great store that sells the most amazing stuff, Tyler candles, Brighton, Burts Bees and most importantly Vera Bradley! And the Vera Bradley rep was in the store that evening. Katie and I thoroughly enjoyed going through all the patterns and styles and we both walked out with new Vera Bradley purses!
102_3028It’s the brand new pattern called Symphony in Hue. It’s Pink and Paisley….it almost could not get any better but it does!!!!! It’s reversible!!!!
102_3030I am officically in LOVE with this purse! I love the colors, the paisley, the fact that it’s two purses in one! Vera Bradley is officially a genius in my books! The BX really needs to carry a bigger selection as it’s a bit cheaper there and it’s tax free!