Thursday, October 8, 2009

Puppy and Pictures

gingerDrMikesSo Miss Ginger has been doing much better….back to her old self and eating well. But last night we discovered a lump in her belly just below her breast bone and it’s not quite as big as a baseball. Well, needless to say we have been quite concerned about what this could be. We tried to get her back to the oncologists office but she was not available for several days so we took her to see her regular vet.  So we went to see Dr. Mike and he took a needle aspiration of the lump and he said that it looks like a lypoma (benign fatty tumor). However, he going to send it off to the lab for testing. So here’s to hoping for FAT!!!

It’s an insanely beautiful day here.
The leaves are just starting to turn on the trees and I can’t wait to get some great pictures of the fall colors.
This amazing spot is just a couple of miles from my house and I can honestly say that I probably don’t appreciate it enough. I needed to pick up a few items to make homemade alfredo sauce (thank Robyn for the recipe…it’s awesome!). So I went to the grocery store downtown just a couple of blocks away from the capital and it offers some of the best views in town.
The board walk wraps around the side and the back of the store. I live at the top of the hill you see in the background of this picture.
You can see what an absolutely beautiful day it is here today. The sky is an amazing shade of clear crystal blue, a rare treat for these parts!
I even made a new friend during my afternoon outing!
On clear days you can even see Mt. Ranier just down the street from my house. I wasn’t quite ready to head for home so I took a little detour down the road where we like to go bike riding. I spotted this amazing view of Ranier over the top of someone’s house.
It’s a much prettier view without the power lines in the way!
This picture was taken on the other side of the peninsula. These last 3 photos are all taken within half a mile of my house. It’s easy to forget how beautiful it can be here because the majority of the time it’s so gray and gloomy.