Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day in Korea………

We drove 2.5 hours to Osan to do some shopping at Sinjang.
I love shopping in Korea but it can be a bit hectic. 
Vendors also fill the streets with their wares.
The streets are cramped and lined with tiny shops packed full of merchandise.
Once must always be alert to bicycles and motorbikes that frequently zoom through these streets.
This is one of the side streets and cars can traverse this ‘street.’
Today’s shopping consisted of an adorable map purse for myself.
A small Coach messenger for my sister and a Dooney and Bourke for my adoptive kiddo, Mary.

On the way back I decided to deviate from the suggested route for which we have step by step directions in English.  The map we have is completely Korean, so it required much more thought to determine city names.  But luckily, my Dad taught me when I was very young how to read a map and I have loved maps ever since then. THANKS DAD!!!

Suggested Route with turn by turn directions in English
New Route using only this Korean Map
The biggest challenge was not determining where I was or where I needed to go, it was determining which lane to use to switch highways.  The new route uses 4 more highways than the suggested route.  However, when the ramps are not clearly marked South or West it can be tricky.  But I am very proud to report that we shaved 30 minutes off our time and 20 miles off our drive.  We even did so without making a single wrong turn, which is more than I can say for using the turn by turn directions!