Friday, August 24, 2012

Possibilities on the Horizon

IMG_8115_2Boyet is still not yet eligible to apply for work here in America.  In spite of that, he is beginning the process by sending out applications and attending job fairs.  Today, he had a very exciting opportunity.  He attended a job fair for a restaurant located on top of the new Devon Energy tower here in Oklahoma City.  The restaurant is looking to hire staff to prepare for their opening in late October. Now Boyet won’t be eligible to work for approximately 90 days while we wait on his paperwork to be adjusted from that of a visitor on a visa to a permanent resident.  But we felt that it was important for him to attempt to make an impression so that they would retain his resume for future possible job openings.  My darling husband worked his magic.  The executive chef was so impressed that he was prepared to set up meetings with the other executives at Devon in order to begin the hiring1347228825324 process.  However, since Boyet is not yet eligible for employment they were not able to proceed.  The executive chef explained to Boyet that he would have been at the top of his list of prospective employees for hire.  So, he gave Boyet his personal cell phone number and asked Boyet to call when his paperwork has been completed.  We are very anxiously awaiting Boyet’s status to be adjusted so that he can proceed with employment at the top of the Devon Energy Tower. The restaurant is currently being eagerly awaited as Oklahoma City’s premiere dining experience boasting breathtaking views of the city.  We feel very blessed for Boyet to have such an exciting opportunity waiting for him. Until then, we will continue to say our prayers.