Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wet n Wild Walking the Red Carpet

Welcome to my happy little blog where I enjoy talking about pretty things. Today I am talking about the Wet n Wild Walking the Red Carpet spring palette. When I saw this palette I knew I had to have it. I was instantly mesmerized by this palette. Wet n Wild came out with two new palettes for spring. The other palette looked too much like the Pedal Pusher palette which I already own. 


On the left side of the palette there are some great cool neutral browns. The baby pink shade listed as browbone is almost a matte. It feels closer to a satin than a matte and it is a touch chalky. The next shade is a satin beige tan. I say beige tan since it’s cooler than a tan and it’s darker than a beige. The crease shade on the left is a medium cool toned brown with a silver duo-chrome to it. The definer shade is a deeper cool brown with a satin finish.


The shades on the right are all about the warm shimmer and shine. The cream browbone shade has nice shimmer and some glitter to it. The golden eyelid shade is a mustard yellow gold shade with gorgeous sparkle to it. If you have been looking for a truly metallic gold this is your shade. The crease color leans toward copper but doesn’t quite get there. The definer color is a warm rust brown shade with an eye catching shimmer.


I love that this palette has some different finish options an it has these beautiful warm and cool choices. I believe this will be a very versatile palette. I absolutely love the shades and the price is absolutely amazing. Shhhhh, don’t tell CVS but I bought this palette at Walgreen’s and I paid full price which was only five bucks. Wet n Wild has done it again. Giving us a great palette at a great price.

Beauty is the illumination of your soul. ~John O’Donohue


Mandatory selfie wearing said palette, although you can’t really tell due to poor lighting in the hospital and I applied it in a super natural looking manner. You can’t expect much more when I am spending the vast majority of my time with Mom while she’s in the hospital. My dad is currently home getting chores done and I am sitting with Mom who is currently sleeping.

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