Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Laura Gellar La Dolce Vita

During my recent trip to Ulta I picked up the La Dolce Vita kit from Laura Gellar. Now if you have never heard of Laura Gellar, you are missing out. There are two of her products that I absolutely ADORE. The Balance n Brighten powder and the Real Deal Concealer. Both of these are absolutely amazing products! This kit contains a full sized Balance n Brighten in Fair. It’s unusual to find the powder in fair. Most of her kits contain the powder in medium so whenever I find a great kit in fair I snatch it up. The full size powder costs $33 and this kit costs $39 so it’s like I got the other items for only $6.


This kit contains a full size Balance n Brighten powder in Fair, Baked Gelato Vivid Swirl Blush in Rosewater, Baked Gelato Vivid Swirl Eyeshadow in Caramel, Love Me Dew Moisturizing Lip Crayon in Watermelon Cooler and a double ended brush.  Only two of these products are available in her permanent collection. The Balance n Brighten and the Love Me Dew Moisturizing Lip Crayon. The blush, the eyeshadow and the brush are only available in this kit.


First let me talk about the amazingness that is the Balance n Brighten powder. It begins it’s life as a swirled cream product that is baked onto terra cotta tiles. The beauty of this powder is that it can be worn alone, over a primer, over a BB or CC cream, or over foundation. When worn alone it provides light coverage. If you wanted to prime, then spot conceal, this powder creates a gorgeous natural no makeup look. If you would like to add a little more coverage to your BB cream, CC cream or foundation then this is the powder for you. It does a beautiful job of enhancing whatever you place it over. Because it provides additional coverage this is not a lightweight setting powder. However, I have never had an issue with this powder getting cakey; but, I imagine it could. The different colors swirled throughout the powder provide additional color correct for those of us that need to brighten while balancing a cantankerous complexion.


I won’t go into too much detail about the powder since it’s not available outside this kit; but, this blush is absolutely gorgeous. I don’t normally go for blushes that have a lot of sheen to them. Although this one seems to have a fair amount in the package when you apply it to the cheeks the sheen on this blush becomes a beautiful natural flush. This is a beautiful natural pink color that is well suited to us fair skinned gals.


As with the blush I won’t give too much info on the eyeshadow as it’s not available outside of this kit. Oh, this color is simply divine. This is THE perfect champagne color for my fair skin. It has a stunning sheen without having chunky glitter. It provides this beautiful luminescence which catches the light beautifully.


The Love Me Dew Moisturizing Lip Crayon feels very moisturizing and provides a beautiful wash of color. This formula is very easy to wear and the chubby lip crayon makes it easy to apply. It has a sweet baked goods smell without being overwhelming and the color is sheer to medium with several swipes. It has a slightly thicker feel to it like EOS, Chap Stick or even Burt’s Bees. It’s not super slick like Baby Lips. It hangs around longer than some of the slicker balms. I really enjoy the moisturizing properties of this lip crayon. At first I was a bit disappointed when I realized that the color wasn’t very opaque but then when I realized just how moisturizing this little crayon is I was delighted. I have tossed this one in my bag and it gets thrown on whenever I feel I need a little balm or a little color. I really enjoy the feel and the color of this crayon.


Overall I am really impressed with this kit. Other than the double ended brush I am quite pleased with everything in this kit. I find the larger end of the brush to be better suited to liquid foundation rather than powder foundation or blush. While I don’t mind using the occasional sponge tipped applicator I don’t really have a need for an overgrown one that it attached to an awkward foundation brush. Considering that the cost of the Balance n Brighten is $33 and the cost of the Love Me Dew is $16, I’d say this kit is a delightful bargain at $39.


I find this kit easy to wear and easy to work with. I am quite pleased that I have added this kit to my collection. This is an amazing kit for anyone with fair skin. If you don’t have fair skin then this is definitely not the kit for you. I once purchased another Laura Gellar kit with medium Balance n Brighten and I was very disappointed that the powder was a complete waste for me. My sister loved it because she inherited the powder. This kit is well worth the $39 price tag.


Overall, I will definitely buy another Laura Gellar kit when it’s time to buy more Balance n Brighten. I love the powder and I love the extra items that these kits contain. If you have never tried Balance n Brighten I highly recommend giving it a go. I have never found any other powder that covers as well as it does.

RC Balance n Brighten

RC Love Me Dew











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