Monday, April 14, 2014

Cargo A Vintage Escape

I recently discovered that Ulta will no longer be carrying Cargo and Pop Beauty. Consequently, Ulta is offering 50% off of the remaining stock from both lines. I happened to be shopping near Ulta, so I popped in to see what goodies I could find. I am not overly familiar with either of the lines. I’ve received a couple of items from Pop Beauty in my Ipsy bag and I’d heard good things about Cargo.


I discovered this adorable kit called ‘A Vintage Escape’ for only $18.00 which is a great price for a kit containing two full sized items and three deluxe sample size items. So, I thought I would I purchase the kit and explore the brand, even if it will no longer be carried in Ulta. I must say though that the best part of this kit was that it rang up at $9.00 not $18.00! I’ll take 2 points; because, I believe I just scored!!!


I was really looking forward to trying their lipstick and was quite delighted to learn that the kit included a full size Cargo Essential Lip Color in Dubai which is a beautiful spice colored neutral shade. I have found this lipstick to be extremely hydrating and quite comfortable on the lips. It contains great ingredients like shea butter, olive oil and jojoba oil. It is also packs some pigmentation!


Cargo’s Water Resistant Blush in Bali is a gorgeous peachy pink with an amazing almost iridescent shimmer to it. Now, I can’t attest to the water resistant part of this blush as don’t typically walk around under waterfalls or sprinklers all day. It did rain for about 10 minutes today but I wasn’t in the mood to go dance around in it as the rain was laced with hail. Nope, not my idea of fun. I will, also, admit that when I first swatched this blush I was like, “Um, Naw!” Iridescence? on my face? I think not! But in the interest of beauty research I gladly swished that blush laden brush across my cheek and something magical happened. I will just say that there is something about this blush that provides a gorgeous luminescent glow to the cheeks. It’s that dare I say it, ‘lit from within’ glow that everyone is so fond of these days. Not sure what light is in there but it looks really good.


Let’s about Yukon. No one really expects to find anything exciting going on there; but, Yukon might just surprise you. I know it looks like just another average taupe shade; but, WOWZA this one knocked me in the knickers. The texture is silky, smooth and downright delightful. I prefer to apply this one with a sponge tipped applicator as it provides more even distribution of the pigmentation and more shine. This particular shade of taupe leans a bit more green which works well for my green eyes.


The kit also contains the Picture Perfect Eyeshadow Promer and the Triple Action Mascara. I’m not gonna lie, I can’t tell you anything about either of these products other than that they both come in black basic packaging and that they are included in the kit. I have other primers and mascaras open that I am trying to work my way through; so, I didn’t even bother to open either of them. Sorry, beauty blogger fail, folks.

Cargo Bali, Yukon and Dubai

Here is the obligatory beauty blogger hand swatch. The Bali is on the left, Yukon in the middle and Dubai is on the right, as if you couldn’t guess that. Well, I felt it needed to be said written. For $9.00 I will tell you that I am quite delighted with this little kit. In addition to all of the goodies contained within the box itself is darling. If you happen to stumble across this kit in Ulta I would highly recommend you snatch it up.


“We travel not to escape life, but for life to not escape us.”

Homespun and Homegrown

Lloyd GeorgeLloyd Charlotte Williams










I would like to introduce you to my great great grandparents George and Charlotte Lloyd both born in the 1820s in Wales. They spent the majority of their lives working hard, farming and raising a family. Charlotte gave birth to 12 children. Sadly, it seems that two of them died prior to becoming teenagers. In approximately, 1883 they immigrated to America with 8 of their children. After arriving in America, George, Charlotte and the children settled in Nebraska. The majority of the children eventually wandered all over the United States. If you do the math, you will soon discover that 2 children are remained in Wales as they were already married and raising families. I am frantically searching for the offspring of those 2 children they left in Wales; but, as of yet I haven’t found any. I have located some of their spouse’s family  members; but, none that are directly related to the two siblings left in Wales. Hopefully someday soon I will be able to reconnect with my Welsh relatives. I will keep you informed of my search for my long lost relatives.