Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Resolute Beauty Blogger April 2014

It is once again the 15th of the month! Woo Hoo! I actually really like checking back in with my blogging resolutions. It’s a great way to give my blog a monthly check up to ensure that I am achieving the things I hope to achieve. It’s no secret that my Mother’s passing has thrown me off my blogging game but I will tell you that I have some exciting things coming up. In the next weeks, you’ll see me push and stretch to grow my talents as a blogger. So stay tuned.


  1. Participate in a swap with another blogger. – Not yet but I’m not stressing over this one yet. Life has truly been crazy.
  2. To be a guest blogger on someone else's blog. – Again not yet but I will be focusing on this.  
  3. To have someone else guest post on my blog. – Sadly, this one hasn’t yet happened either. 
  4. Create an innovative tag – I was part of the creative process for Beauty Love Affair, Face Five Challenge, and My Lipstagram as well. The creative process stalled for a bit but I’m getting back into the swing of things.
  5. Shop my stash at least twice – Need to do this soon! The problem is right now that I am not living with my stash. I am staying with Dad until he is ready to be alone and I haven’t moved my stash here. 
  6. Participate in another No Buy – I need to work on this one soon. Maybe for May. Any others interesting in supporting each other through a no buy?
  7. Be approached by beauty companies to review their product – Yep,I am thrilled to say that I’ve been approached by a couple of companies to do reviews; but I find it a little less satisfying than just writing what I prefer to write.
  8. Begin making YouTube videos. – This won’t be happening anytime soon as I don’t have my camera with me. I am actually using my cell phone for blog pics right now.  
  9. Publish at least 1 makeup look a month. – I have been awful about this but I have gotten better about including selfies during reviews!  
  10. Learn to utilize ToDoist app to the fullest. – I love ToDoist. I am really becoming diligent about keeping my list and my notes on either ToDoist or my calendar. I have ToDoist linked to my calendar and a large widget on the home page of my phone. Score! This one I have truly progressed on.
  11. Review at least 4 products a month. – I have fallen a bit behind on this one but I have plenty of reviews coming up so I don’t think the overall count for the year will fall short.
  12. Publish at least 2 product duels a month. – I need to get working on this one. I am behind the curve and need to play catch up.
  13. Utilize my Facebook blog page more. – Does anyone really read Facebook anymore? 
  14. Explore other social media sites. – I’ll admit it I haven’t even tried with this one recently. 
  15. Incorporate more positive tips into my blog. – I think I do a pretty good job of keeping things positive on my blog. I tend to throw in the occasional inspired living post.
  16. Include a beauty or self confidence quote on my blog each week. – I will admit that I am not at 100% on this one but the majority of my blog posts have a quote.


“Live in the present and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering.” ~Ida Scott Taylor