Monday, February 8, 2010

Being Clumsy………

So apparently today is not my best day!! I dropped my computer. Luckily it’s fine, I just feel like an ass!! Then I tripped over Ma’s oxygen cord.  Neither of us are hurt; but again I feel like an ass.  Then I shoveled the snow off the drive.  Which I managed to finish without anyone getting hurt.  This was a miracle since it’s a pretty long driveway.
Then I was sweeping the snow of my car in anticipation of making a trip to the store.  In the process of doing this I landed on my ass!!
Yes that big dent in that lovely pile of white fluffy snow is an impression of my butt!! Luckily the snow is good for breaking ones fall. So nothing was hurt.  But I am thinking that maybe I shouldn’t go anywhere today.  God forbid I try to drive a shopping cart. Oh I don’t even want to think about what I can hit with a CAR!!!
I have thought about sewing but I’m afraid I’ll stitch my finger to the material.  I think I better stick with a DVD and popcorn!
The snow here is so beautiful! It’s light and powdery. It makes a everything so much prettier and it’s not even cold! The sun is out and it just bounces off the white snow!
It’s almost like a Christmas card here with the cute little Victorians all snuggled in around their blankets of white.  I think I will just stay in and enjoy the view from my window!