Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Christmas is fast approaching and as I look outside there is snow on 102_3376the ground and sun in the sky.   It’s a beautiful time to be in Colorado.  I love how the sun bounces off the snow making everything brighter.  It a great reminder that anything can be conquered when you have the right outlook.  As for me and my next conquest, I try not to think about how soon he will be taking his leave of me.  I am just enjoying every second I can with him.  I haven’t even begun counting down the days because in truth I don’t want to know.  Right now I am enjoying the simplicity of Salida.    102_3372It’s a quiet sleepy little town without much to do.  I finished my Christmas shopping.  Plus we got to eat at Texas Road House! OMG! YUM!! I have so forgotten what it was like to eat at a real restaurant! Three days before Christmas and I’ve spent the morning on the phone with my kiddo (I miss you Brendon), researching my astrological chart, fixing Ma’s cord for her drapery rod, and putting together a new grill/smoker for smoked Turkey on Christmas day! I am blessed!