Thursday, February 18, 2010

Shopping Salida…….

Today I had the pleasure of running errands in Salida. I so adore this cute little town.  I love all the rows of little shoppes one can wander through at leisure.  You can usually even find the shop owners on hand to ensure that you thoroughly enjoy your shopping experience.  102_4236 Now if one were to study this photo, you could discover that there is a wonderful little kitchen store under that blue and white striped awning.  Now, I must say that I know a “Kitchen Maven” who is about to have a birthday soon.  So I must confessed that I had a wonderful time shopping The Mixing Bowl for some certain birthday girl!!!!
One of my favorite shoppes downtown Salida is Fringe.  It’s an adorable fabric and yarn store that used to be the hardware store.  Their fabric cutting table is the old wooden nuts and bolts bins that they have placed a cutting mat on top of! I will be taking a class there this weekend. After probably an hour of oohing and aahing over all the wonderful I finally decided on the fabrics pictured below for the reversal bag I will be making! 102_4246 I also mailed some Lemon Creme Girl Scout cookies to some man I know who is spending his year in Asia!  As I dropped them off at the post office I asked that the post office handle them very carefully as it was a very important package. I then admitted that the box was full of Girl Scout cookies going to my husband.  The postman then fessed up and showed me his roll of Girl Scout Thin Mints that he had been munching on all morning!!!!
Of course a trip to downtown Salida is not complete without a trip to Lallier’s Pharmacy for Russell Stover’s chocolates.  Since Easter candy has now hit the shelves I stocked up on creme filled chocolate eggs!
Where else can one shop with such an amazing view of the mountains! For the most part even though it’s cold out, the sun is usually shining.  It’s a wonderful place with a slower pace of life, fresh air, and most of all my favorite little mouse, Ma.