Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Back on the map………

So you’ve noticed that I’ve been sporadic at best lately.  Well, I told you that I had an awful visit with that bad boyfriend ‘Pain.’  What’s worse than a bad boyfriend on an extended visit? His Mother!! Yep, this time the jerk brought his mom ‘Depression!’ She’s the type that would be the world’s worst Mother-in-law if you were stupid enough to marry the jerk.  So in an attempt to keep myself sane I armed myself!!!
This looks like a pile of stuff and truthfully it is.  However I will explain it all to you! During the darkest moment, my computer (located on the bottom of this stack) died.  Ok, it didn’t really die but I could only get it to boot in safe mode!! ACK!!! I cannot survive without my computer.  I called Toshiba. They said it sounds like a motherboard issue.  You’ve got to be kidding right?!?! This will be the second motherboard in less than a year that I have killed!
Luckily I was able to get a huge brand new Dell to play with until I am able to get my Toshiba fixed.

IMG_0299Now, where were we….oh yes! Other depression necessities.  Cosmo, I don’t think this needs any explanation. My Wii because I can’t stand or sit for long periods.  It keeps me entertained doing both.  DVD Movies, tv shows because American TV programming is weak at best.  However, it is worse in Korea, if you can believe that! Lidoderm patches!! I want to kiss the man that invented these things.  My base tour book, so that I could dream about the tours that I can take when I feel better.  I canceled two during my abyss. ‘Harold’ a great read written by a friend, who mentioned me during his radio interview.  This was the highlight of my abyss.  Then my crowning glory on the top of that stack my new Dell!!
IMG_0317 So I wake today in a slighty brighter world.  Ponytail holders, blankets and sweats have given way to a long hot showers complete with razor usage!!!  I am starting to think that maybe I can find my way out of this. Oh my, I do believe that was a positive thought!  Watch out Pain and Depression!! I do believe I hear my curb calling you! After the shower, it’s time for some ME time.  Great lotion, make up, hair and even a pedicure!  How can you not love fun toenail polish?1?!? I have even traded my adored Lady Gaga for a few tunes that wouldn’t typically be on my playlist. I have friend to thank for some fresh music! Yep…I’ll be back soon!!! Now the trash man just needs to pick up the trash on my curb quick, it’s getting smelly!