Sunday, May 9, 2010

An attack and that boyfriend……

I know it has been a while since I posted.  My strong apologies. That bad boyfriend, Pain, came for an unannounced visit and he overstayed his welcome.  I ran away with him and we stayed in seclusion, just the two of us.  I must admit, I did drugs with him.  He made me want to do drugs.  The kind of drugs that make one unable to make sense of the world.  Instead of attempting to ignore his visit, I succumbed to his charms and he consumed my life.  I am starting again to see that he is unwelcome and that I must, once again, break his heart.  Its a task I must do in order to reclaim the life that I once had.
During his visit, I got to experience something terribly interesting.  It would also be very humorous if it wasn’t interrupting time with my boyfriend, Pain.  I knew that we would be subject to military exercises or drills over here.  There is just nothing that can prepare you for a situation such as this. It started out easily enough.  On Monday while scurrying down the hall,  I ran smack into a battle ready airman complete with gun!  So that is not terribly unusual living on a military installation. But Tuesday morning all the fun began.  Oh and what fun it was!! I had just woken when the air raid sirens began to wail.   The obligatory message was pumped through the loudspeakers indicating that this was a drill and various other details.  Then soon, the sound of fake bombs.  Yep, fake bombs.   Now I will also explain that we live very close to the runway so we get to hear the inevitable roar of jet engines coming and going.  Combine the planes with this new fake assault and it’s enough to make one go quite mad.  Another interesting factor to add to all this, I was not allowed to leave the dorm without first donning protective gear.  And since I had no protective gear; alas, I went nowhere.  Thank God for the internet and a library with stocked with free movie rentals. I was able to entertain myself inside with very little problems. 
I have managed to escape from the our fake assault; but this feeling of angst has truly been following me.  I can’t quite seem to shake it, who knows.  In due time, this too shall pass.