Thursday, May 20, 2010


I came to the hard decision to leave Korea and head back to the states.  I have decided to go back to the states and stay with my son, Brendon and his roommate (and my extra kid) Erik.   Plus I am close by my parents, sister, nieces, friends, etc.  I know that I have been in a terribly dark place for a couple of weeks now.  So off I go to play with a bunch of 21 year olds and to get back to blogging, writing and taking pictures!! IMG_0508 The Yellow Sea off the coast at Gunsan.  The seawall has these stacks of giant concrete “jacks.”

NEXT ORDER of BUSINESS!!! I have let one birthday slip by me and another birthday is upon me!!!
My adorable niece, Kaitlyn turned 15 on May 12th and her mom, my sister, Tammy, has a birthday today May 21st.
I would like to take a moment to tell you a story.  My family is from Oklahoma City, it’s where I grew up and I still consider it home even though I am globe trotting currently.   My sister was eight months pregnant with Kaitlyn and having some complications in her pregnancy.  My brother-in-law was a Deputy Sherriff and working at the courthouse downtown.  It was April 19, 1995.  The courthouse is located right next door to the Alfred P. Murrah building.  The site of the devastating bombing.  The phone lines were immediately jammed and I was the first person my sister could actually reach by phone.  Even though, I was working I raced to be by her side because we didn’t know her husband’s status due to all the confusion.  I couldn’t imagine not being right by her side, I couldn’t imagine what she was going thru not knowing about her husband.  She was also trying to remain calm due to her delicate condition.  It was in those moments of not knowing and feeling hopeless and helpless that I realized just how blessed I was to have a sister.  I had someone that I can always cling to if I should need to.  Even now though we are miles apart, we usually talk daily and are very involved in each other’s lives.  I am grateful to say that my family came through that horrific event unscathed.  My brother-in-law was fine, just doing his duty amidst the chaos.  My niece was born healthy and happy a few short weeks later. Fifteen years have passed since that day and it has left a permanent scar on my hometown. I know families that lost loved ones, lost their children and it breaks my heart.  But I can also say that it taught me to appreciate my family and my loved ones more!
Kaitlyn, Happy 15th Birthday girly!! Ta, Happy Birthday!! I miss you both and will be home soon!!! Dinner is on me..we will let Kaitlyn pick! I love you both very very very much! Due to my travel status I am sad to admit that I do not have pictures readily available so I will make an effort take some and put them up ASAP!!!!