Sunday, May 8, 2011


Myself, Kianne, Kamille, Kristine, and EJ.

There were even more family members that joined us for the celebration after Kianne's Christening. Arnold failed to mention to be that I would be meeting the entire "clan."

Sisters Juvy and Julie, Arnold, Uncle Robert and Sister Joy.

Bea, Juvy, Myself, Evalyn and AJ, who is busy eating :)

This crazy family who so willingly opens their homes and their hearts to me. 

The carving of lechon (slow roasted pig). Yes, I ate some. But I will admit that my darling Arnold brought it to me so that I didn't have to cope with my issues.  Thank You Love! I appreciate what you do for me! <3

Just like any other family, no one is going to own up to doing it. No matter what "it" is.

With a family as crazy as this one, I feel right at home!

This picture grew from 2 persons to 12 persons in a flash. 

Great family, great food and Tanduay Ice!!! What more could a girl need?!?!

Me and my new sister, Julie! 

Such a great family! Full of humor, generosity, smiles, and plenty of love.

Later in the afternoon, it began to rain.  The older kids decided to go play basketball.  I decided it would be fun just to go play in the rain.  We can barely be seen to the left of the three white planters.  Arnold didn't want to at first; but he reluctantly joined me.  Later he admitted that he had a lot of fun playing in the rain with me.  We spent over an hour enjoying the cool rain playing like kids again.