Saturday, May 7, 2011

Precious Memories

The first evening meal with the family we went out to a local restaurant.  I enjoyed coconut milk straight from the coconut.  I am proud to say that I enjoy Filipino food!  

Arnold's niece, Bianca.  So beautiful and she can be a bit shy and reserved.

But once she warms up her personality is adorable and captivating.

 Bianca, her Dad Gilbert and Mom Juvy.

Arnold's niece, Kianne. A little girl with a huge personality.

Kianne with her darling, sweet cousin Britzy.   

These faces immediately warmed my heart and filled my soul.  I will always treasure the time I spent with them, getting a glimpse into their lives and personalities. I look forward to watching them grow into beautiful young women, blazing their trails through life and leaving their mark in their own special way.