Tuesday, May 24, 2011


The big blue box behind us is a videoke machine.  Basically it's a wooden box on wheels with speakers, a tv on top to display the lyrics, loaded with tons of songs and it's delivered to your house for your party. They are extremely popular in the Philippines and Arnold's entire family are GREAT singers!

Sister Juvy, Cousin Kristine and myself relaxing after the party.

Leo and his San Miguel beer.

Sing it Feliza!

Nica showing us how it's done.

Feliza getting the crowd pumped up.

Arnold, Aunt Vic-Vic and Juvy singing together.

See it's a family affair, everyone sings! Sisters Julie and Juvy singing with baby brother Arnold.

My darling, looking so cute as he sings.

Sis Julie singing from the roof tops (or while standing on a chair.)

Get it girl! 

One on my personal favorites, Miss Kianne, entertaining us.

This family is loves to have fun.  They value the important things like God, family, love and laughter. I am extremely proud to be considered part of the family! Thanks to each and every one of you for making me feel welcome.