Saturday, September 17, 2011

Receipt of Petition for Alien Fiance

Today in the mail I received our receipt for Arnold's visa application.  Officially the United States Government calls this form: I-797-C, Notice of action.  What it means to us is that the U.S. Government as officially accepted our Petition for Arnold to enter the United States due to our intent to marry. This is an exciting step in our journey to be together. We are so blessed to have the opportunity and the means in order to make this happen.

This is also the first step into the red tape of the great American government. We have been told there is a waiting time of five months.  We are hoping it will be sooner than that but we just have no way of knowing. I am certain that he is worth the wait, it's just that I am not a very patient person.  So this will be a great test of endurance for me. Luckily, I have Arnold by my side holding my hand through this process. Hopefully, things will go smoothly for us.