Sunday, October 2, 2011

Beauty Day at Casa Femme!

Saturday we spent the day enjoying 'beauty' time.  We did home pedicures, followed by face scrub, facial masks, painting the toes and fingers, and finally, makeup time! My sister, my nieces, my roommates and my niece's friend joined in all the fun!

Lesson 1: Do not put foaming foot soak in a foot spa that has jets! We had a mountain of bubbles.

My younger niece, Kaitlyn, has sensitive feet and she would not stay still. So my sister, her Mom, straddled her and held her leg so I could scrub!

She was a squirmy little bugger!!! 

Cassie and Kaitlyn sporting their facial masks 

Even Miss Brooklyn needed to join in the action.  She sat down on the floor as we were all painting our nails and yanked her socks off.

Paint my toes too please! 

My sister, Tammy, at the end of spa day! Looking great and feeling awesome!

Cute checkerboard design I did for my niece, Brittany.

Leopard spots on Lisa Frank colors!

With matching toes!!