Monday, May 20, 2013

The Tragedy of Tornadoes

Today a large tornado roared through Oklahoma just a few miles from where I live.  My son was just one mile from this very large tornado. 
This is one of the many videos from this brutal tornado.
Video Source: Basehunters Chasing

I rode out the storm alone in my parent’s storm shelter as I worried about my family and friends. My son is fine as is his home.  All of my family is safe and sound tonight.  But my heart is breaking as I know several people that were deeply affected by this tornado.
The Moore Oklahoma Tornado Information Facebook Page has an excellent resources and information available for those who need it.
Here is a list of how to help Oklahoma tornado victims or you can text the following words to the following numbers to donate via your cell phone:
text: REDCROSS       to: 90999      donates: $10        to: Redcross Disaster Relief Fund
text: STORM              to: 80888      donates: $10        to: Salvation Army
text: FOOD                 to: 32333      donates: $10        to: KWTV 9 (local tv station)
text: AID                      to: 50555      donates: $10        to: Operation USA
The death toll for this EF4 tornado currently stands at 51 (20 are children) but will likely rise as many are still missing. My heart is breaking for my friends and neighbors. 

The City of Moore has set up a recovery site if you need assistance, want to give assistance or even want to volunteer
Fourteen years ago there was a tragic tornado that did less damage than this tornado did today.  Here is a map of the path of the 1999 in green and today’s tornado is in red.

Just in case this post hasn’t impressed upon you the dire circumstances of the situation: