Friday, May 3, 2013

Budget Beauty, Venus Razor Review and Coupon

IMG_9558[4]Recently, I have gone back to using the Venus razor thanks to the Share, Love, Celebrate the Best of P & G program with SheSpeaks.  I received the Venus + Olay razor free for the purpose of review.  I was not asked to review the it here on my blog but I felt the need to share.  I have fallen back in love with the Venus razor. Prior to this I had been using the Schick Quattro TrimStyle, which still holds a place of honor if only for the trimmer.  I am not an au naturale girl, no further explanation necessary.  Good grooming is important.

bk-2First off, the Venus + Olay razors  have 5 blades which gives an incredibly close shave.  Getting a close shave is important for me because my husband does not enjoy rubbing up next to stubbly legs.  I must shave every day as I was cursed with leg hair that grows faster than weeds. Some women, like my mom and sister, can go days in between shaves. Not this girl, shaving is a daily task especially during summer.  I am only aware of two brands that make a 5 blade razor; Schick being the other brand.
Second, the Olay moisture bars give Venus the edge over the other brand.  They provide generous moisture which allows me to forgo the shaving cream.  As a whole I don’t have sensitive skin but there is something about slathering on shaving cream and scraping a razor across my skin that irritates the heck out of my legs leaving me with red bumps.  However, the Olay in the moisture bars does not irritate my legs in the slightest.  I can even put lotion on immediately after my shower without it burning or stinging.  Well done!!

bk-6Next, with Venus you never have to worry about buying the right replacement cartridge for your razor.  Every Venus razor will easily accept any Venus replacement cartridge.  No matter which Venus you purchase or already own the newest cartridge Venus & Olay Sugarberry will fit!  This is fantastic news as the Sugarberry is amazing.  I love this scent! Once again Olay has perfected this formula.  I don’t require any shaving cream since the moisture bars are super soothing.  The Sugarberry moisture strips gently exfoliate; however, I will admit that I prefer to exfoliate with a scrub prior to shaving.
I love the new Sugarberry Venus & Olay! It’s an amazing addition to the Venus line.  It’s a great time to discover or rediscover Venus & Olay. So, in order to score big savings on the Venus & Olay Sugarberry razor, the head on over to Vocalpoint to claim your $4.00 off coupon! Vocalpoint is a great community with great opportunities and well worth joining.  I thoroughly enjoy being a Vocalpoint member and I think you will too.
The Venus & Olay razor and cartridges in the yellow package pictured at the top of this post were sent to me free of charge in exchange for my review on SheSpeaks.  They did not request a blog review, I am blogging just to share my opinion and the coupon with my readers.   The Venus & Olay Sugarberry were purchased with my own money and was not purchased with the intent of review.  However, when Vocalpoint offered the $4.00 coupon I was compelled to share with my readers.  I thoroughly enjoy both versions of my Venus & Olay razors and they have become an important part of my beauty routine. My husband approves of the silky, smooth feel of my legs provided by Venus & Olay. bk-3