Monday, January 13, 2014

Bloggers Made Me Buy It

Hey! Welcome back to my blog. Today we are going to talk about influence. As a blogger, I read a lot of other blogs. Of course, those blogs influence me, things stick in my mind, they make me curious. So when I am out and about there are things that I buy because another blogger absolutely loves it or looks great in it. The darling Chelsea of Tiger Love Beauty tagged me to do this tag.  So with out further ado, let's see who the influencers are.

Purple Lippies
 Cella from Never Not Glamorous
Cella told me to try purple lippies months ago after she hauled some purple NYX lippies. Of course, Cella looks stunning in a purple lip or any bold lip. What am I talking about? Cella always looks stunning!! She inspired me to try. So, I took baby steps buying lighter shades that weren't too dramatic. Well today I took the plunge and bought a bold purple lip. I am excited to wear it and will proudly wear it. Cella recently posted her 2013 favorite purple lippies.   Thank you for encouraging me! 

Essence Eyeshadow 
Shannel Lee from A Little Over Thirty 
I had never really even heard of Essence until I saw Shannel post about them. Her blog is absolutley gorgeous, as is, Shannel. I was bummed thinking we wouldn't be able to find them in the states. While our selection isn't as vast her selection in Thailand, I was quite pleased to find a small selection available at Ulta. I will admit that Essence eyeshadow has great pigmentation and staying power for one of the cheapest prices on the market. Shannel's latest purchase included the Essence Color Control UV Makeup Base. Her favorite Winter look includes Essence products, of course.  

Dream Bouncy Blush
Betti from Makeup Asylum
I resisted the Dream Bouncy blushes for the longest time because truthfully the texture freaked me out! There was no way I was going to put silly putty on my face! However, the beautiful Betti explained in her haul post that Plum Wine, seen here on the right. gives the cheeks a perfectly pinched flush. Like me, she is a fair skinned girl who is also afraid of blush making her look like a clown. I figured if she could make it work, certainly, I could as well. I would never have purchased these blushes if it weren't for reading her post. I am delighted to have these blushes in my collection and wear them frequently. 

NYC Lipstick 
Betti from Makeup Asylum
I had spotted these lipsticks in the drugstore but never paid them any mind. Just after a trip to the drugstore, I read Betti's post about the four shades she purchased from this line. I was so impressed by her description and explanation that I knew I would need to check them out. I have yet to try it but I have high hopes for this cute little pink tube. Betti, my wallet thanks you for introducing me to these lipsticks. Great product at an amazing price! 

Too Faced La Creme
 Brittnee from Beauty Product a Day 
Ah, my darling friend Britnee from Beauty Product a Day reviews a beauty product everday. Bet you didn't see that coming, did ya? When Brittnee reviewed the Too Faced La Creme lipsticks at the beginning of December I was hoping to get my hands on one. So when the 'All I Want For Christmas' set went on sale my husband graciously bought it for me. The lipstick is easily one of my favorite things from the kit. This formula is so creamy and moisturizing it feels more like a balm than a traditional lipstick. 

NYX Gloss 
Recently, Tanya posted this photo on Instagram and she talked about how much she enjoyed NYX. Then I saw this set of three and knew they needed to come home with me. I didn't need another gloss but she talked about how addicting they were. So how could I not bring them home with me? I can understand why she likes them so much. Tanya is absolutely beautiful and has only been blogging for about 4 months but she is a natural at it. 

I am sure there are tons of other but these are just some of the most recent ones. 

I would like to tag the following gorgeous gals:
 Cella from Never Not Glamorous
Shannel Lee from A Little Over Thirty 
Betti from Makeup Asylum
Brittnee, I would tag you but Chelsea already did.
Rhondine from Born to Blossom
and anyone else who thinks it would be fun to do this tag!!! 

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