Thursday, January 9, 2014

Secret Support Sister

Welcome to my blog, if you're new around these here parts then you may not know that I suffer from a chronic neurological condition called Chiari Malformation. If you're a regular this isn't new news but I do have a bit of fun in relation to my illness. Back in September '13 I stumbled across a new program called 'Secret Support Sister' on Jamee's blog A New Kind of Normal. The premise is simple I would be matched up with a secret sister who also suffers from a chronic illness and once a month I was to send my secret sister a package valued around 15-20 dollars. It's was merely just to brighten the day of a fellow chronic illness sufferer. I thought it was a fabulous program and I was delighted to join.

The program was to last three months, October to December, and every month you were to mail a box of goodies. These surprise packages could contain anything a woman would appreciate, cosmetics, snacks, etc. My secret sister has dietary restrictions, so I just avoided food products altogether. I decided instead just to share some of my favorite products with her. The first month we received our sister selections a little late so I didn't get my package in the mail until after the first of November. I included L'Oreal Telescopic Shocking Extensions in Black, Almay Liquid Lip Balm in Apple a Day, and Maybelline Single shadow in Linen. Yes, I reused my bright pink Ipsy bubble envelope, minus the label, before placing everything in a priority mail box.

My secret sister is also a fellow blogger at Chronic Chic. You can read her post, receiving this package here.

I will admit that since I was late getting October's package out, adjusting to Boyet's new job, Thanksgiving, etc. I didn't actually get a November package sent. So in December my goal was to send a package worthy of two months worth of goodies. I included Revlon Colorstay Gel Creme Eyeliner in black, two movie tickets, another Almay Liquid Lip Balm in Blooming Balm, Essence Night Club Palette in Already Midnight. Essence Quattro Palette in Purple Day, Essence Stays No Matter What Liquid Eyeliner, a Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer in Caribbean Escape, a Freeman Purifying Paper Mask, and a sample tube of L'Oreal Miracl Blur. I also included a card revealing my identity. So if you're reading Diana I loved being your secret sister! I hope I managed to brighten your day and I hope you are enjoying the goodies I sent. I checked the map and it said their was a Regal theater about 20 miles away. Enjoy a good movie! 

Naturally, the next question would be what did I receive from my secret sister. Truthfully, nothing. I don't know what her circumstances are. I do not know her identity. I sincerely hope that her health did not preclude her from being able to send packages. I would much rather believer that her health is doing well and she was so insanely busy having fun and living life that she was just too busy. I have included her in my prayers since it's a mystery for which I will never have an answer. Nevertheless, I truly enjoyed sending shopping for and picking out products for my secret sister. I know how much fun it is to receive my Ipsy bag every month and I pay for that. So I enjoyed imagining my secret sisters delight at receiving a package of unknown goodies in the mail. Diana, I wish you well on your continued journey with your illness. To my secret sister, I wish you well on your journey too. I am not angry or upset. My heart goes out to you; after all, I understand the challenges of living with a chronic illness. I send both of you ladies warm fuzzies and pixie dust. May 2014 bring stability to your health, warmth to your home and joy to your heart! 

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