Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Redefining True Beauty

Welcome back to my blog. I'm just a simple girl trying to live happily with a complicated chronic illness. Lately, I've noticed these beautiful posts all over social media from several of my blogging friends. These posts inspired me to create this project about beauty, more importantly how the view of our own beauty can affect our perceptions. As a society, advertisers dictate an unrealistic and unhealthy version of beauty. All too often we let those statements warp our perception. Sadly, we typically apply those warped standards most stringently to ourselves. We end up placing a greater value on physical attributes rather than integrity, character, authenticity or intellect. This project is to encourage me and others to examine and redefine our self assessment of beauty. My goal with this project will be to post at least once a month the things I find inspirational.


I Am...  a post from Julie of 20/30 Glam about changing our inner talk to reflect positive changes.

From Beauty and More by Pilar her Positive Jar encourages us to fill of jar of events or memories to enable us to reflect upon the beautiful things that happen during a year.


Louise from Kinder Health and Beauty posted a beautiful quote on her Instagram. "Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from the negative."

My beautiful friend, Renny, posted an encouraging selfie. I'll admit, it made me smile!

Dove is an amazing company that is doing amazing things to help women accept their own beauty. Every woman should watch this video and think about this every time they look at themselves in the mirror. 

It would be easy for Lizzie Velasquez to have really low self esteem with the challenges she faces. Instead she chooses to embrace a love for herself. Her story is both compelling and heartbreaking. If she can face these amazing obstacles smiling certainly we can take better care of our own situations. 

Have you been inspired to challenge your definition of beauty? Have you found something particularly inspirational? 

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