Monday, March 5, 2012

Confessions of a chronic over-packer.

In just over 30 hours I will board a plane for Detroit, connecting to Nagoya, Japan, and then onto Manila, Philippines.  I am allowed (for free) 2 checked bags weighing no more than 50lbs each.  I will pack 48lb in each. 
For the life of me I am trying to determine what on Earth I could need that would total 96 pounds.  But as I look into my already overstuffed bags, I think, “What could I live without?”  Untitled-9Everyone going to the Philippines needs 12 pairs of flip flops right?   Or how could I possibly live without 30 pairs of underwear, even though I will only be gone for 21 days? And I have to bring every kind of toiletry imaginable because, well, I’m a girl. Would you believe that I have to pack for changing weather? Hmmmm, no, hu? You’re right, its just going to be HOT. Which would lead you to believe that I could manage to pack less since I need smaller, lighter clothes. But my suitcases just don’t see it that way.
I guess my years in scouts taught me well. “BE PREPARED!” Certainly if I can’t fit it into one of these suitcases it must not be vital for survival.  And we all know that every girl needs 8 different bras for a 3 week trip, don’t we?  Ok. Maybe it’s time to get real with myself and admit that I can live without a few things. I think I can pack just one pair of black capri pants. Right? I can do this!!